How NOT to have a ‘malamig na Pasko’ with caramel kisses

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Kisstopher Caramello — the world’s 'Greatest Kisser' — gladly dishes his tried-and-tested tips that'll guarantee a warm Christmas season

SWEET SUNNY KISSES. Stay warm this Christmas with these tips from none other than Kisstopher Caramello

MANILA, Philippines – “Even Kisstina, the love of my life, started as a friend,” Kisstopher begins, insisting that the “friendzone” is not a dead end but the perfect place to begin a romance.

Kisstopher shares his thoughts with us on how he broke out of the “friendzone” to enjoy warm cups of coffee — with a touch of caramel kisses — with Kisstina. 

Tip #1: Make a move

“Do not be torpe!” Kisstopher says passionately. “You must a-show your love your true feelings. Zat iz zee first step for her to see that more than being her friend, you can also be… nakaka-in-love!”

Tip #2: Stay calm and respectful

“But of course you must not get carried away. Wooing your love iz the time to be maginoo and… maginoo.”

Tip #3: Keep a balanced approach

“In short, do not move too fast, and do not move too slow. You must find zee perfect balance when trying to win your love, like sipping your coffee at just the right pace. ‘Aaaaah… yeeeees… that’s right’.”

This tip also applies to kissing. Kisstopher demonstrates it here:

Tip #4: Be subtle 

“So as not to frighten your love, you must start small. A subtle pinch of sweetness, like giving zi beso with-a your lips, can send zi message that you want so much more.”

Tip #5: Be prepared for what comes after

“I never stopped at winning Kisstina’s heart. No! I continue to express my love to her in a way I am sure she… enjoys. After all, zey don’t call me zi World’s Greatest Kisser for nothing.”

Kisstopher demonstrates how he keeps his lips in shape:

Tip #6: Relax!

“Instead of a-looking and looking and looking, let love search for you! Just be sure to have your creamy caramel kiss ready,” Kisstopher reminds us.  

“Who knows, your mi amore could just be around the corner.”

Still not confident about your kissing prowess? Here are a few more of Kisstopher’s tips to ensure a very warm and romantic Christmas:

1) Practice with everyday activities and inanimate objects:

2) Know the right time to pucker:

3) Why you should keep your eyes closed:

Muah! Nakakain-love! –

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