PH brands shine in Multiply in 2012

Pia Ranada
In support of Filipino entrepreneurship, we bring you the finalists of the Multiply Philippines Origination Awards

PROUDLY PINOY. Hoot Hats by Honey Baby. All photos courtesy of Multiply

MANILA, Philippines – Multiply Philippines celebrates Filipino ingenuity and entrepreneurship with its list of top 30 local brands and products sold exclusively on the site.

They are also nominees in the Multiply Origination Awards that will close in January 2013.

Chosen for their strength and innovativeness as a product concept, perceived value and marketability, these products prove that great, unique merchandise can be found online and not just in malls and traditional market places.

The awards come in the wake of Multiply stopping its social networking and file-sharing function, making the complete shift to becoming an e-commerce site. For the past year and a half, Multiply has become the biggest and most popular e-commerce marketplace in the Philippines, according to Multiply CEO Stefan Magdalinski in an article by

The shortlisted products are divided into 3 categories: fashion, food and family management. Judges and online voting will determine 3 winners, one from each category. The e-merchants or online entrepreneurs behind the winning products will then receive an online business package worth Php 200,000.

The prize is meant to help them launch their business further and create more products worthy of discriminating consumers.

Fashion-forward products

The products that made it in the fashion category may look and sound familiar to you because someone you know may already be wearing them.

1) School of Satchel is the big winner in the list with 3 of its products in the list: the Macy satchel, weekend bag and smart passport folio (with 2 tiny slots for SIM cards!). 

School of Satchel

2) Manila Sole’s shoes made from recycled tires made the cut, getting points for their classy yet casual design and their environmental thrust.

Manila Sole

3) Anagon Collection’s customizable wire hangers are now out of the closet. The wires can be twisted any which way to form your name, favorite word or saying, or anything at all.

Anagon Collection

4) Bare Naturals won with their line of lip butters, something between lipstick and lip balm made of all-natural ingredients.

Bare Naturals

5) Who will not recognize those cute D-SLR camera necklace pendants that double as 4-gigabyte USBs sold by Tuesdays and Fridays?

Tuesdays and Fridays

Others in the list are Trinket for Keeps’ under-the-sea charm bracelet, Soak Swimwear’s Cabo feather maillot and Studio Boheme’s HoneyBadger bags.

Best gourmet products

If the products we just listed suddenly made you rethink your wardrobe, these next products will make your mouth water.

1) Chuco Art turns portrait photographs into cakes or Chuco Portraits. Their write-up declares chocolate as their medium and cake, their canvas.

Chuco Art

2) Who but the allergic does not enjoy mussels or tahong, that strange-looking sea food delicacy? World Trade Fair Asia brings you the “crispified” version with their Crispy Tahong.

World Trade Fair Asia

Another twist from World Trade Fair Asia is their pineapple vinegar, healthier than the chemical-based varieties.

A bouquet of purple flowers? Sweet. A bouquet of purple flowers that are actually pastillas? Even sweeter! That’s exactly the product being offered by the brand, Sweet Blooms.

Other shortlisted products are South Cotabato chocolates from Risa Chocolate, decorated cakes by Cake Avenue Bakeshop, whimsical cakes by Sweet Success, Trigona Sugar Bag by Milea Bee Farm, I Love You cookies by Kela’s Kitchen and Keepers and Paris Halloween Treat Basket by Sweet Blooms.

Best ‘mommy management’ products

The third category may not be as straight-forward-sounding as the two others but it’s every bit as useful to people. Products under the “mommy management” category are products that help mothers in any way, be it in dressing up their young kids or in decorating their homes. 

1) There’s the BCV tank top by Mommy Matters that has special slits under the seam to make breast-feeding easier.

Mommy Matters

2) Moms will delight in Hoot Hats by Honey Baby, super cute beanies designed to look like owls. 

3) Baby Bappy Balm and the Sniffles Balm are two different entries from Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials that are all-natural solutions to keep babies safe from rashes and viruses.

4) The Momease Diaper Bag Converter is another entry from Mommy Matters that contains a diaper bag, pouch and zip-lock pocket for dry and wet items.

MomEase Bag

Other shortlisted products under this category are Tee Hee shirts by Proud Mama store, Shoo Fly insect repellent home spray by Indigo, Mom 24/7 Planner by Mommy Matters, and Anti-Mosquito rescue sticks by Mommy Patch.

For the list of shortlisted brands and their descriptions, you can visit Multiply. You can also help determine the 3 winners by voting online through the same link. 

Today, Multiply Philippines is home to 130,000 e-merchants and is fertile shopping ground for 5.5 million users. This number continues to grow, providing consumers a staggering variety of brands and products to choose from. It’s this growing market that challenged online entrepreneurs to be even more creative in thinking and developing products. 

The Multiply Origination Awards aims to reward these efforts, reminding entrepreneurs that online, as in the “real” world, creativity and a firm sense of what consumers want is what sets you above the rest. –

Pia Ranada

Pia Ranada is a senior reporter for Rappler covering Philippine politics and environmental issues. For tips and story suggestions, email her at