Which Mediheal mask works for your skin type?

Candice Tan
Which Mediheal mask works for your skin type?
Korea's favorite sheet mask has officially launched in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines- Selling over 1 billion mask packs worldwide – that’s 32 masks sold every second – Mediheal, the incredibly popular mask pack from Korea, has recently made its way to the Philippine market. 

Whether you’re a strict 10-step K-Beauty addict or just want a little perk-me-up during a stressful week, there’s a Mediheal sheet mask for you. We’ve broken down the most popular masks in the Mediheal line according to skin type. Pro tip: stick these masks in the fridge and get a cooling, soothing home-spa treatment that will help minimize your pores. 


I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask EX

Photo from watsons.com.ph

If you want to achieve that bright and glowy chok-chok skin, then this is the mask for you! The I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask is infused with Vitamin C to make the skin brighter, helping fans achieve that “translucent and dewy” look of their favorite Korean stars.

W.H.P Showering Capping Pack

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If you are on a budget and want to get value for your money, then the W.H.P Showering Capping Pack is your best option! Why? Because for one pack, you can use it for 2-3 times based on how much you put. This is a clay type face mask used for brightening and hydrating.


N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX

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This popular ampoule mask provides abundant moisture to your skin, controls sebum, minimizes pores, and improves skin elasticity. The face mask has a silky texture that fits perfectly on your facial curves.

H.D.P Pore-Stamping Black Mask EX

Photo from mediheal.com.hk

Have you ever gasped when you see those huge pores on your face? Well, worry no more because this face mask can tighten those enormous pores and cleanse them for you. This face mask controls skin greasiness and purifies skin tone.


Collagen Impact Essential Mask EX

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This mask contains skin vital factors such as Hydrolyzed collagen, Hydrolyzed elastin and acetyl hexapeptide-8 to help get rid of wrinkles. If you want to look more youthful and lessen the lines on your face, then this mask sheet is a must-have.

W.H.P  White Hydrating Black Mask EX

Photo from mediheal.com.hk

This face mask is recognized for using natural fruit extracts such as Euterpe oleracea (also known as Acai) and Nicotinamide, a vitamin found in food and rich in vitamin B3. The face mask improves moisture retention in skin and shields against and reflects infrared radiation.


Placenta Revital Essential Mask EX

Photo from mediheal.com.hk

The silky fiber mask sheet contains hydrolyzed placenta extract and hydrolized chitosan, providing the essential nutrients for your skin. Be prepared for a rejuvenating and shinier skin that will leave everyone in awe. 


Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX

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The Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask is meant to relax the skin while treating acne. This is suitable for sensitive and easily-irritated skin because it provides care for enlarged pores and contains moisturizing elements.


Mediheal: D:NA Proatin Mask

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The face mask moisturizes and revitalizes your tired skin. This is perfect to use after long hours of work.

Mediheal:R:NA Proatin Mask

Photo from ph.althea.kr

The face mask supplies energy to your skin and gives radiance to dull and darkened skin.

Mediheal is available at Watsons and on Althea Philippines. – Rappler.com