Women on vanity and self-love

Peter Imbong

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This Women’s Month we asked beautiful personalities on why a little bit of vanity is important for all women

MANILA, Philippines – Poolside and under the setting sun, Rappler caught up with the brand ambassadors and guests of Pond’s Philippines at the launch of their newest product, Pond’s BB+ Cream, last March 7.

We asked them how a little bit of vanity is important for all women, and about their one habit that they consider to be a bit vain but can’t really do without.

Janine Tugonon

JANINE TUGONON. The 2012 Miss Universe first runner-up says nurturing ourselves is a gift to others

“It’s important for us women to take care of ourselves because once you learn to take care of yourself, you’ll learn to take care of other people. Usually, people say once women get married or have children, they don’t get to focus too much on themselves anymore which, for me, is wrong. How can you nurture someone you love if you can’t nurture yourself?

“Before, I wouldn’t put on makeup when I went out. But I do now, because people notice. Also, once in a while, I make sure that I go to the dermatologist and get a general cleaning of the face.

“But the most important beauty habit for me is taking my vitamins and eating healthy.”

Catriona Gray

CATRIONA GRAY. She says spending some 'me time' is important

“I think it’s important to have some ‘me time’ and dedicate some effort towards yourself, to have some appreciation and love for yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself, how can anyone love you?

“And I think vanity and doing something good for yourself — whether it’s putting on makeup or sitting down to read a book by yourself — there’s nothing wrong with that. Putting a little effort in and for yourself is a good thing.

“Whenever I have new pictures taken (since I model part-time) I always go back, look over them, and analyze them. People might consider me a bit vain when I analyze the different angles I did or could’ve done, but that’s part of my work.”

Laureen Uy

 LAUREEN UY. The fashion blogger loves putting on lipstick even without the rest of her makeup

“Every girl should really take care of their skin. I don’t really call it vanity because taking care of your skin is taking care of your body. And every part of you is important.

“It’s different when you call it vanity or a necessity. Using moisturizers and brushing your teeth are a necessity. Vanity for me would most probably be my love for lipstick. I really like putting it on, especially if I don’t have any other makeup on.”

Apples Aberin

APPLES ABERIN. She says a little bit of vanity can increase self-confidence

“A little bit of vanity gives you confidence. At the end of the day, it’s all about that — building self-esteem and confidence. You can be a better mother, a better friend, or a better partner, if you feel good about yourself.

“To me, it’s not vanity. It’s important. It’s a must.

“Right now, a habit of mine that I consider vain is Instagraming my selfies. But for me, it’s fun. It’s something that I enjoy; it relieves my stress. And whenever people appreciate, for example, my post of the day, I find it rewarding and I have fun engaging with them.”

Rissa Mananquil Trillo

RISSA MANANQUIL TRILLO. Vanity is not being 'maarte' but being able to take care of yourself

“The thing about vanity is that most Filipinas consider it being maarte or prissy, but it all boils down to taking care of yourself. If you look at it in that way, it’s good that every woman takes care of herself. And it’s not just on the outside but also taking care of your health.

“Especially for me, as a mom and wife, it’s important to my loved ones that I take care of myself so I, too, can take care of them.

“It’s something every woman does: looking at herself in the mirror and checking how she looks before stepping out of the house. I look at every angle. That’s the habit that I have, but once I’m out of the house I don’t check on myself again. I don’t even bring a mirror.”

Kelly Misa

 KELLY MISA. She says vanity can empower women

“Vanity is very important. I know it receives a bad rap from society but I think it’s a positive thing because it empowers women to look their best and be the best woman they can be.

“I don’t really consider it vain, but I consider skin care and makeup an essential part of my everyday life. Having to go to a makeup artist to have my makeup and hair done, I would consider a little bit vain. However, sometimes it’s also a necessity for our work, or if you feel the need to be confident at a party.”

Nikki Abella

NIKKI ABELLA. She says if we feel better about ourselves, we are able to give more. Photo taken in August 2012 at JC Buendia's 25th anniversary fashion show. Photo by Shaira Luna

“A little bit of vanity is just showing that you care for yourself. I think that the more you feel good about yourself, the more that you’ll be able to give more in life, in what you do, and also in terms of your relationship with others.

“I actually have a very simple regimen. I just wash my face, make sure that I remove my makeup before I sleep, and put on moisturizer. During the day, I use BB cream and SPF.” – Rappler.com


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