Why a green mango sorbet with bagoong from Sebastian’s Ice Cream is a must-try

Steph Arnaldo
This dairy-free sorbet can also be topped with the vegan-friendly Thai Nam Prik, a chili-sugar-salt combo

GREEN MANGO. Green mango sorbet topped with warm bagoong is one of Sebastian's Ice Cream's artisanal signature flavors. Photo by Myles Jamito

MANILA, Philippines – When a craving for asim calls, my tastebuds usually gravitate towards slices of unripe, sour green mango, paired with either salt or bagoong. And when a craving for dessert calls, my appetite usually veers towards ice cream.

Imagine my excitement when I found out that a green mango sorbet existed from local ice cream shop Sebastian’s.


And no, I promise – it’s not that weird.

Cold, icy sorbet made from fresh green mangoes is mixed with heated, sweetened bagoong, a recipe made by Chef Ed Quimson. One bite of Sebastian’s sorbet is an instant sour explosion of flavor, contrasted with the sweet and salty bagoong.

DAIRY-FREE. Photo by Myles Jamito

It’s a multi-dimensional treat, down to the varying temperatures of cold sorbet and warm bagoong; some would even compare it to a hot fudge sundae. It borders on being a savory snack actually, more than a dessert.

The green mango sorbet is also vegan-friendly since it’s made with no dairy, so that’s a plus for the lactose intolerant. For the complete vegan experience, customers can opt for a different topping – the Nam Prik, a Thai chili-sugar-salt spice mix. 

To the brand’s surprise, the unconventional flavor caught on. Like their Blue Cheese ice cream, a fanbase grew over the years (me included) – and Sebastian’s eventually made their Green Mango Sorbet a signature flavor.

Customers can get Sebastian’s Green Mango Sorbet with Bagoong for P150 a cup or with the Nam Prik for P135 at all branches. – Rappler.com

Steph Arnaldo

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