Steph Arnaldo

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About Steph Arnaldo

If she’s not writing about food, she’s probably thinking about it.

From working as a copywriter at Ace Saatchi & Saatchi in 2016 while writing freelance on the side, Steph Arnaldo turned her part-time passion (that started with being in the Candy Council of Cool in 2011) into a full-time career. She now writes about food, lifestyle, experiences, wellness, entertainment, and the occasional relationship problem for Rappler.

When she gets overwhelmed, she always tries to take it one Steph at a time. Aside from puns, Steph also likes sushi, coffee, self-help, murder mystery books, essential oils, cheese, yoga, and cooking without a recipe.

Follow her on Instagram at @stepuny! (Is it pun-y or puny? You decide!)