Cats got my heart

Kathy Moran
I don't know what day of the week it was or what day of the year or what time of the day — but out of the blue, I started rescuing cats

UNCONDITIONAL. Rescuing a cat, you earn a loyal friendMANILA, Philippines – I don’t know what day of the week it was, what day of the year, or what time of the day — but one day, out of the blue, I started rescuing cats. 

Blame it on age, my single blessedness, and curious dogs who are always on the lookout for new “friends.” 

Here are a few reasons why I think welcoming a rescued cat or kitten into your home is a good thing:

1. They purr.  My kittens and cats purr quite often — and the sound is as sweet as my little Vodka the Bichon yapping when I get home. Purring is a little bit like a built-in motor sound that cats make, which can definitely give any mood a driver’s high. Before I start my day, I spend every morning in the company of my rescued cats. There is no better way to start my day than with my pets (dogs and cats). People can wait. 

2. They don’t judge. Cats don’t care what you’re wearing, what you smell like, or even if you look like a mess. They just want to love you for who you are. And they also love to wander in the garden and check out what’s new. The sense of wonder that cats have always amazes me. If only people  . . . 

3. They give me someone to talk to. And, yes, I talk to my cats. When no one else is around (and even when other people are around!), cats can be the best conversationalists. Sometimes they just sit and listen; sometimes they speak up and give you their opinion on things. It’s nice to have someone around to always lend you a furry ear.

4. They get better with age. Just like fine wine, cats get better as the years go by. As you get closer and get to know each other’s routines, you and your cats get as comfortable together, much like an old married couple. You know their favorite foods, favorite spots, and the best times to talk to them. They know when it’s time to get to bed, time to wake up and when it’s okay to curl up next to you and sneak in an extra cuddle.

5. They love me unconditionally.  I might add that they show that love in ways only they want to, when they want to. Give a cat your heart and earn his or her trust, and you have a friend for life. You are their mom, their dad, and their best friend and they will thank you every day for it. Sometimes it might be with little presents like cockroaches or lizards delivered to your feet, but more often that not, it’s with a tender look, a loving rub, or a soft nuzzle.

Indeed, cats got my heart. 

If you have never rescued a kitten or any animal for that matter — give it a try. I promise you that would make a loyal friend for life. –

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