Want a textmate? Try Hilarious Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton spawns a Tumblr meme depicting her no-nonsense and icy personality.

MANILA, Philippines – You never mess with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Got the text message?

The former US first lady, New York senator, presidential candidate and now Secretary of State adds an item to her long list of accomplishments: Internet superstar. Clinton becomes the latest cyber celebrity, thanks to the new hilarious Tumblr account “Texts from Hillary.”

The account on the microblogging and social networking site features photos of Clinton wearing sunglasses and sending snarky text messages from her Blackberry. She responds to SMS from various political figures. 

The original photos were taken by Reuters’ Kevin Lamarque and Time’s Diana Walker but edited a la meme.

The account is similar to other Tumblr hits like “Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things.”

Here are some samples:


Aside from politicians, “Hillary” also exchanges SMS with stars:

Best political meme

Texts from Hillary is the brainchild of Washington-based communication professionals Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith.

As of posting time, the account only has 14 entries but it is already a huge hit. Yahoo News named it “the best political meme of 2012 thus far,” while social media news blog Mashable called it “downright hilarious.”

Texts from Hillary became an instant favorite of Washington news and blog sites. 

Washington Post blogger Maura Judkis wrote, “The meme reinforces much of our public opinion of Clinton – that she is no-nonsense, smart, but a little icy. It’s also a welcome arrival in a season that has seen few political memes since Rick Santorum’s sweater vest lost its magical powers.”

Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, is a candidate for the Republican Party presidential nomination. 

Journalist David Weigel from the Slate also chimed in, “Isn’t this exactly the sort of pop culture fanboy material that Obama owned and Clinton lacked back in 2008? Perhaps I’m overthinking it.”

‘A compliment to Hillary’

Lambe and Smithe came up with the idea for Texts from Hillary over drinks one night after seeing the news photos resurface on social media.

“We quickly decided it should be turned into a meme. The site is meant to be a compliment to Hillary. Hopefully, everyone gets that,” Lambe told Yahoo News.

A Clinton fan, Lambe told the Huffington Post, “The woman can do no wrong.”

The popularity of the account surprised the 2. While they never expected it, Lambe is thrilled Texts from Hillary exploded online. Still, he wants something more than hits. 

“Of course, I’m waiting for Hillary to text me.” – Rappler.com

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