[Pinoy Mind Map] Merienda math

Kelly Ramos, Gary Coronado, Reina Reyes

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The things that make life most interesting — and fulfilling — are those for which 1 + 1 does not merely add up to 2

I love equations. I always have. I learned to add by filling out simple block equations made up by my Mom for my sister and me. After I complete one, I ask for another — I can’t get enough of them.

I must have enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the exercises — the mental challenge, followed by a sense of accomplishment. But even more than that, I think I was attracted to the satisfying sense of order.

There is only one right answer, 1 + 1 = 2, and nothing anyone said or did can change that. 

Equations imply balance — whatever is on the left side is the same as what is on the right. No more, no less. Things add up. Even as a kid, I knew that life is rarely, if ever, that neat.

Most times, that can be frustrating. But I’m also beginning to appreciate that that’s a good thing. In fact, the things that make life most interesting — and fulfilling — are those for which 1 + 1 does not merely add up to 2.

Still, I try — I can’t help it. When I reminisced about my favorite kakanin, I imagined them in a chart. When I think of halo-halo, I see a summation. Thankfully, in this case, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Can you identify each of the terms? Give it a shot before peeking at the cheat sheet below:


Now, here is the list of halo-halo ingredients:

(From left to right, top to bottom): saging na saba (sweetened plantains) + macapuno (coconut sport) + gulaman (jelly bars) + langka (jackfruit) + sago + white and red beans + ube (purple yam jam) + kaong (sugar palm seed) + leche flan + crushed ice + evaporated milk + ube ice cream + pinipig = halo-halo (whew!) 


Here are 3 more merienda recipes written in delicious visual equations:

 Sweet corn + sugar + crushed ice + evaporated milk = mais con hielo

Sago + powdered milk + flavored crushed ice + chocolate syrup = iskrambol

Silken tofu + sago + arnibal (brown sugar syrup) = taho



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‘Pinoy Mind Map’ is a collaboration between scientist Reina Reyes and artist Kelly Ramos. They embrace their geekiness and artsiness, respectively, and combine them to produce data art pieces inspired by the Filipino experience. They can be reached at the blog’s Facebook page: facebook.com/pinoymindmap.

Gary Coronado is a photographer, Photoshop ninja, and blogger at www.theshyphotographer.com — in his spare time, he is also Reina’s husband. 


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