7 crazy wedding proposals on Youtube: 2013 edition

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These days, a romantic dinner is not enough. Creative wedding proposals are the rage, and 2013 had its share of crazy ones.

SPEECHLESS. This girl had no idea how magical her day would become. Screenshot from Youtube.

MANILA, Philippines – Since Youtube came along, we have become privy to some of the most creative wedding proposals the world over. 2013 saw its fair share of wacky “will-you-marry-mes,” and continues to prove that getting on bended knee in a fancy restaurant just isn’t enough any more.

Here are 7 must-watch proposals:

The Binondo food walk proposal

Food walks around Old Manila are fun in themselves, but one guy decided to make the trip really worth his while! Chances are, this girl would hold a special place in her heart for siopao, hopia, and lumpia from now on.

The most self-centered, over-produced proposal ever

Orchestrating a surprise wedding proposal is definitely one of the sweetest things you can do, but as with any well-intentioned plot, things can go overboard. Do you think this guy was doing it more for the Youtube hits?

The Big Bad Biker proposal

Even the biggest, baddest tough guys have a soft and squishy side, too! Case in point: This heart-melting proposal by a biker gang right in the middle of the freeway! Talk about being taken for a ride!

The IKEA flash mob proposal

Even places as seemingly dull as a furniture warehouse can make the most romantic of settings. Chosen because it was the site of the couple’s first meeting, this IKEA branch has definitely set itself apart.

The fake hostage-taking proposal

This one got some people pretty annoyed, or relieved that nothing truly dangerous happened. Do you think it was cute and clever, or was the stunt too risky for its own good?

The proposal 30,000 feet above ground

You can sweep your lover off her feet, but have you ever tried it 30,000 feet from the ground? This video is proof that even a super-cramped airplane aisle is no match for a good flash mob.

The X-Factor USA proposal

If your loved one decides to audition on the X-Factor with you – despite the horrible voice – just so he could propose to you before millions of televiewers, the answer is pretty simple: YES.

Know anyone who did a clever proposal and captured it on video? Share it here under the Comments section! – Rappler.com


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