8 Strange selfie trends: Hair Smile, Riccing, the sparrow and more

Would you try these selfie trends or do you think they're just plain weird?

THERE'S MORE TO A SELFIE. It's the Instagram sensation that sparked trends all over the internet.

MANILA, Philippines – Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you scroll through your Instagram feed only to find yet a new online trend. In the age of foodstagrams and selfies, there’s just no stopping people from finding something new that could be amusing to post. (READ: Stop before you selfie)

Here are some selfie trends we chanced upon on the Internet – while some are funny, others are downright weird. What do you think?

1. Hair Smile (#hairsmile) or Hair Fly (#HairFly)

Wait, what? Yup, a hair smile is actually a thing which was first noticed on posts coming from Japan. It’s basically a selfie that doesn’t show your face; instead, your tresses take the spotlight. Either way, it’s all about the hair. 


2. Riccing (#Riccing)

When Hollywood actress Christina Ricci tweeted a photo of her in November easily fitting into what looked like a washing machine or clothes dryer, started a new trend – #Riccing. You basically place yourself in tiny places and prove to your followers that you can fit – or not.

3. The Sparrow (#SparrowFace)

With the Duck Face being so 2006, people have moved on to another type of facial expression that’s supposed to exude sex appeal. The Sparrow, another trend popularized by the Japanese, is done by widening your eyes and sucking in your cheeks. Seems hard to do? Try sticking a finger into your mouth, pull it out, hold the facial expresion, and snap your selfie.

5. Healthie (#Healthie)

Do you do yoga? Are you eating leafy greens for breakfast? Off to the gym for a workout? Along with the boom of healthy lifestyle trends are people who want you to know that they’re in on it. Some may argue that they’re just trying to promote a better lifestyle to others by being an inspiration, but whatever their reason may be, we hope they’re doing it for themselves and not just for photos.


6. Belfie (#Belfie)

Not everyone is born with a sexy butt. So with all the squats and leg exercises a lot of girls have been slaving over, it seems only natural that butts are also getting attention on Instagram and Twitter. Besides, if you worked hard for it, be proud of it. Right? Right?

7. Tongue Selfies (#TongueSelfie)

Miley Cyrus. No further explanation needed.

8. The Tattoo Selfie (#TattooSelfie)

Got ink? The internet has given people with with ink a place to showcase it and let others appreciate it.

Bonus trend: The Unselfie (#Unselfie)

It’s only right to point out that selfies are not just for vanity or entertainment. It’s also been used as an awareness campaign. An unselfie is basically a photo of someone covering his or her face, often with a caption indicating a special cause. A few days after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) left the Visayas devastated, celebrities, famous personalities, and netizens used the hashtag to promote typhoon recovery and direct attention away from personal vanity, towards the cause.

 What’s your favorite selfie trend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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