Coming out? A rainbow of online support

Rappler Social Media Team
When it comes to support for the LGBT community, there's nothing like the online rainbow brigade


MANILA, Philippines – LGBT communities the world over continue to experience discrimination and outright violation of their human rights.

Nonetheless, support for them continues to grow over time, especially online. A quick web search can yield many heartwarming instances of people defending and encouraging the LGBT community.

Here are some examples of a world opening their hearts and minds to everyone, regardless of gender:


This photo was flooded with supportive comments from family, friends, and even complete strangers:

This next photo shows a letter from a father to his son; the latter was apprehensive at first to come out to his parents:


A quick glance at the comments section will show netizens’ approval of this father’s action:

Another great story of acceptance can be seen in this video:

To all our LGBT readers: remember, the next time you feel alone in your hardship, a caring individual is never too difficult to find. –

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