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MANILA, Philippines – Planning a last-minute travel before summer ends? Try Wego.

Adhering to its maxim “save time, pay less, and travel more,” Wego has made travel-planning as easy as a few clicks. Boasting of its meta-search technology that collects data from over 500 airlines, 350,000 accomodation choices, and 150 travel suppliers, Wego allows users to instantly search and compare all available options that stem from their travel preferences in one screen.

Founded in 2005 by Craige Hewett and executive friends who saw business promise in the site, the Singapore-based Wego has grown into an international website, with numerous nationalized versions, like www.wego.com.ph, or Wego Pilipinas — for Flipinos at home and abroad.

The site was launched in response to the growing demand by Pinoys for a site catered to their own, preferred needs. The increased traffic of the website attests to its growing popularity among Pinoys. In 2011, domestic flight searches increased by 197%, while international flight searches increased by 132%. 

Hewett says that women are the primary reason for the growth in the country. He says they represent 58% of Wego’s total users, compared to the market average of 48%.

“Wego.com.ph is delivering on its promise to help travellers save time, pay less, and travel more,” he says.

The site also features top-ranked airfares, hotels, packages, destinations, and deals that allow users to compare options intelligently, opening them to options mostly preferred by their countrymen. Domestic destinations popular among Filipinos include Baguio, Manila, Boracay, Cebu, and Tagaytay for domestic; international destinations are Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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