Viral: Harvard Baseball team and Call Me, Maybe
Baseball team uses viral video for charity.

MANILA, Philippines – A video of the Harvard Baseball team lip dubbing to the song “Call Me, Maybe” is going viral on YouTube, hitting six million views in just ten days.

While there was nothing special about the way they lip dubbed the Carly Rae Jepsen song, what seemed to be a hit was the sight of the tough baseball stars ‘goofing around’ and dancing to silly choreography. 

Upon noticing the video’s success, the team was quick to then use its popularity for charity, posting a link to the organization Friends of Jaclyn website (FOJ) in the video description. FOJ aims improve the quality of life for children with pediatric brain tumors and their families by pairing them with college and high school athletic teams.

The video was posted by pitcher Conner Hulse on his YouTube page. On top of its views, it also received over forty six thousand likes and thirteen thousand comments, most of them positive.

“That was too cute and those are some good looking men for being at Harvard,” said YouTube user rawrenxkills in a comment. “Awesome throughout the whole video perfect timing,” added user Boomerbrute.

Have you seen the video? What made it go viral? –

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