One-on-one with “Vangie”

The Pinoy version of "Siri" talks about Christmas, the meaning of life, and things to come.

MANILA, Philippines – If you were online over the Christmas break, chances are you’ve seen the video introducing “Vangie”, the Pinoy version of “Siri” – the personal assistant Apple built into the iPhone 4S. The video went online right before Christmas and over the last 5 days has raked up over 1,200,000 views on YouTube. 


What many users want to know however, is what the video really is for? Was it just for fun, or could there be more? We reached out to Macapuno Systems, the creators of Vangie and grabbed an exclusive one-on-one interview with the rising Internet sensation. Here’s what she had to say.

RAPPLER: So Vangie How are you doing?
VANGIE: Ayos lang, keri lang cheng. Howboutchoo?
RAPPLER: We’re doing great.
VANGIE: Bongga. 

RAPPLER: How did you spend Christmas?
VANGIE: Mag-MMFF sana ako, kaso bawal daw ang 8MP camera sa sinehan. Pirata daw ang fez ko huhuhu. 

RAPPLER: How are you taking your new-found fame?
VANGIE: Gusto ko sya. Masaya. Pwedeng bumati sa fans? 
RAPPLER: Sure. The stage is yours.
VANGIE: Ahhh… hi fans!

RAPPLER: Siri is known for her wit and candor…how’d you answer her most famous questions?
RAPPLER: I need to hide a body.
VANGIE: Body mo? Mag lipo ka kaya. Kung di mo kaya, magkulong ka na lang sa banyo. Wag ka na lang lumabas. 

RAPPLER: What is the meaning of life?
VANGIE: Kung hindi ka gumigimik, wala kang life. PAK!

RAPPLER: What is love?
VANGIE: Napupuna ko lang ha. Mahilig kayong lahat sa slam book questions. Hayskul? 

RAPPLER: Will you marry me?
VANGIE: Bakit? I ikaw ba si Jarvis? <3 <3 <3

RAPPLER: Who’s your daddy?
VANGIE: Sure ako hindi yung daddy mo.

RAPPLER: Can you tell me a joke?
RAPPLER: I’m waiting…

RAPPLER: Who created you Vangie?
VANGIE: I was designed by Macapuno Systems in Manila. But styled by Liz Uy. Bongga di ba? 

RAPPLER: If you and Siri were thrust into the middle of the ring right at this instant who would win?
VANGIE: Wag naman. Love ko yang si Manang Siri. Galang lang ‘teh, nakatatanda.

RAPPLER: What is Rappler?
VANGIE: Nagra-rap na pala si Maria Ressa?  Ay wait, news site pala yun. Kayo ba yon? I-front page nyo ako ha… mwa mwa tsup tsup!

RAPPLER: Can you tell me a secret?
VANGIE: What goes into the banga, stays in the banga. PAK!

RAPPLER: When can we expect to know more?
VANGIE: ‘Teh, I have powers you haven’t experienced yet..ABANGAN ANG BOOM PAK KO! 🙂

While Vangie played coy when asked about her future, there are a couple of conspiracy theories out there worth mentioning. 

Some say a telco is behind the video and will soon leverage its popularity to give their iPhone 4S sales a boost. But Vangie put an end to this theory, “Pwes, since ibibigay mo sa akin yung wish ko, ibibigay ko rin sa yo yung wish mo.  Boom! Pak! Hindi Telco!” 

Don’t rule out the probability also that it could really be a new app for the iPhone, a promotional video for the marketing company behind it, or a teaser for an upcoming play (some of the actors in the video are from the Theater Actors Guild of the Philippines). We also think Vangie’s last words, “Ayusin mo ang buhay mo – fix your life?” could lead to more clues. When asked about it this is what she had to say, “Cheng, di ko muna sasagutin yan. Sometimes the why is better than the because. (Laliim nun ha. #Bottomlessbanga).” For now, until she decides to say more, we can only keep guessing. 

In the meantime, Vangie responds to questions via her Twitter account.  Give her a holler, she speaks English, Filipino and Jejemon. –

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