Stellar: The best of rock n’ pole

Matthew James Balicudiong
Following yesterday's Polecats Manila feature is RAPPLER's coverage of their recent recital

ROCK THE POLE, not just the boat! Stellar 2012 saw Polecats Manila's female AND male students in all their pole dancing glory. Photo by Jirah Suyo

MANILA, Philippines – The night was filled with nothing but rock n’ roll as Polecats Manila showcased their students’ pole prowess in Stellar 2012, featuring the different eras of the music genre at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo earlier this month.

Stellar is the annual pole recital of the students of Polecats Manila.

Christina Dy of Polecats Manila says that they thought of a word that would best describe their students being the stars of the event.

“We all thought of a title that would covey that the students are the stars – and it was Stellar,” she posits. 

The Philippines’ only studio dedicated to pole dancing with internationally-recognized instructors also shares with RAPPLER that the annual recital is their way of thanking their students for entrusting themselves to Polecats.

“It is because of them that we are here,” Dy — better known as CD — says.

BUILD CONFIDENCE, FORM FRIENDSHIPS. Some pole dance routines are done with a partner or more. Photo by Jirah Suyo

The Pole Tigers

Stellar 2012 also saw men grace the pole and exhibit a number of stunts, making the audience get off their seats.

Kit Navarro, a 39-year-old Pole Tiger, debuted at Stellar 2012. His is proof that pole dancing is meant for everyone — men included.

“It looks nice and exciting but it is very challenging, too,” he says. “You have to be strong. It requires a lot of muscle strength.” 

The song selection kept everyone’s energy levels high. The crowd went wild with every breath-taking number — at every swing, slide and climb of each pole dancer.

 “It is very fulfilling to see the school grow and to see our students improve,” Dy shares.

Watch the RAPPLER exclusive on Stellar 2012:

Confidence crusade 

CD says that pole dancing does not require anything else but an open mind.

“You don’t have to be strong, you don’t have to be thin and you don’t have to be young,” she says. “You just need to come with an open mind, that’s all.” 

Confidence Crusade is a Polecats Manila movement whose objective is to bring out the best in every individual regardless of age, size, shape — even color.

“Everyone has their own insecurities. All we do is provide a safe and supportive environment to help each person grow.” –

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