[Family] Coming full circle

Bubbles Salvador
Love works in mysterious ways and across generations

NO BOND LIKE THEIRS. Life has a way of fixing things, including family relationships. Photo from Bubbles Salvador

MANILA, Philippines – My father and I were never the type to hold hands while walking, to hug on our birthdays or tell each other “I love you.” 

It wasn’t until I became a mom 3 years ago that I fully understood that being a parent entails much more than what I thought.

Papa sacrificed being away from us by working abroad for years while we were growing up; that also meant being away from the love of his life – Mama.

He made family traditions out of summer vacations and Holy Week break by bringing us to our lola (grandmother) in Bulacan where we have many happy memories.

But he also ruled with an iron fist and we all had our share of ugly fights with Papa that sometimes led us to say hurtful words to each other. He is by no means the type to show affection but, looking back now, there was really nothing he did or said that wasn’t for our own good.

I don’t want to say that Papa and I missed out on a good father-daughter relationship. I’d like to think that what we have now more than makes up for what we didn’t do while I was growing up.

LUIS, LOLO AND CHICKENS. Luis gets to experience moments like this that other kids don't. Photo from Bubbles Saldavor

My son Luis enjoys every minute spent with his lolo (grandfather) whom he also calls Papa.

A walk to the talipapa (market) to buy bananas or a game of basketball or a trip to the farm to feed chickens — Papa is helping Luis weave his own happy memories.

And whenever I see the smile on my son’s face after another day’s adventure, I know my relationship with my father has come full circle. – Rappler.com

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