[Family] Simple super man

Bea Francisco
A father's greatness can be found in his simplest acts of love.

WORLD'S BEST DAD is how Bea will always see her Papa. Photo from Bea Francisco

MANILA, Philippines – I know it’s cliche for girls to say their father is their Superman. There’s also reason why daughters are called “Daddy’s little girl.” 

I once said in my elementary essay that our parents may not be as handsome as Superman or as sexy as Wonderwoman but they are superheroes in their own way. 

My father or “Papa” as he prefers to be called (he hates being called “Daddy”) is my Superman and I mean it literally and metaphorically.

I remember when I was asking him for directions because it would be my first time to commute. I was in college then but was used to being brought back and forth to school by my parents. Before I left the house, I asked him if I could call him and ask him for directions just in case I get lost and he replied, “Basta pagnawala ka tumawag ka sa akin, susunduin kita kahit saan ka man. (If you get lost, call me. I’ll pick you up wherever you may be.)”  

I thought back then that his answer was an exaggeration, dramatic.

Fortunately, I didn’t get lost that day.

It wasn’t until 5 years later when my father’s worry became a reality.  

June 23, 2011 was practically the longest night of my life. 

The rain poured the whole day and people were saying it might be a repeat of Ondoy. Unlike Ondoy, when I was home with my family, this time I was at work with a full schedule and could not leave early. 

By 6 PM, Taft Avenue was flooded and most parts were impassable. My mother called to tell me to wait for my father because my brother won’t be able to fetch me since the roads were flooded. 

Unfortunately, my father was still stuck in South Expressway. It so happened that my boss goes home the same way and offered to drop me off. So I left work with my boss and her 6 year old daughter. 

As expected, traffic was a nightmare and at approximately 10 PM, we were still stuck in Roxas Boulevard. 

I was in constant communication with both my parents. A few minutes past 10 PM, my father who had just gotten home told me that he was coming to get me. My boss and I were wondering how since roads were either impassable or traffic was not moving at all from our house to Roxas Boulevard. 

We both got our answer almost half an hour later when my father called to ask for the car description. I gave it to him and a few minutes later, he was outside the car.

Turns out he walked from our house to where my boss’ car was, thinking my boss would need a reliever in driving. He even brought food for us.

We eventually got home late that night with Papa driving my boss’ car all the way home. 

FROM SINGAPORE TO HONG KONG. The Francisco family in 2007. Photo from Bea Francisco

I know that some may not think that was a feat. But for me it was, considering it was raining hard and he had to pass several flooded areas. I doubt if I’ll ever find a guy who’ll be willing to do something like that for me.

One thing is for certain, one thing I will always remember: my Papa continues to be my Superman and — no matter what happens or where I may be — I know I have my Superman ready to find me, hold my hand and bring me home. – Rappler.com

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