Feng shui forecast, tips for 2016, Year of the Fire Monkey

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Feng shui forecast, tips for 2016, Year of the Fire Monkey
Find out which areas of your home or office to activate this year to to enhance your luck

MANILA, Philippines – Chinese New Year falls on February 8 this year, and along with the Year of the Fire Monkey comes a new Flying Star feng shui chart. (READ: What’s in store for you this 2016, the Year of the Monkey?)

The Flying Star feng shui discipline uses time to analyze the auras in specific parts of a building. These auras will affect specific Chinese zodiac animals, depending on the forecast, but anyone hoping to increase their luck or avoid bad luck this year can take advantage of these too.

Regardless of your animal sign, you can put feng shui cures or enhancers in those areas to change your luck this year.

Feng shui expert Marites Allen spoke about the 2016 forecast during her feng shui convention on January 3, while feng shui master Joseph Chau Kam Shing gave his 2016 feng shui suggestions on February 6 at his Feng Shui Essentials book launch.

Let’s see what the two had to say about getting the best luck this lunar year. If you’re not sure what your Chinese zodiac animal is, enter your birthdate below: 

Lucky stars

Victory star

Sector: Southeast

Affects: Dragon and Snake

As its title suggests, the victory star brings about luck in most aspects of one’s life. According to Marites, if you’re a Dragon or a Snake, activating the Southeast area of your home will bring about a good reputation, luck in your career and education, and many oppotunities this year.

Master Chau says you can put fresh flowers in this area to enhance love luck as well – not necessarily romantic love, but also familial. 

Romance and education star

Sector: West

Affects: Rooster

This star affects your romantic life, your travels, and your self-development. Marites says that this Year of the Monkey is a good year for Roosters who want to express their feelings for someone, get married, or get promoted at work.

For anyone trying to get a promotion, putting a red carpet in the west part of the house and in the bedroom can help too, says Master Chau.

Heaven Luck star

Sector: South

Affects: Horse

This Year of the Monkey, the Heaven Luck star will help Horses in terms of their careers. Horses will have many opportunities that can take them to conferences or conventions abroad, said Marites. The Heaven Luck star will also guide Horses to make better decisions.

According to Master Chau, anyone whose offices or houses are in this direction will have a lot of movement this year, in the form of traveling, moving houses or a change in career. 

Wealth star

Sector: Southwest

Affects: Sheep and Monkey

The Wealth star doesn’t just mean money – it can bring about wealth in romance, health, and career. Sheep and Monkeys should grab opportunities when they come, espcially as your luck won’t last forever, according to Marites.

For anyone wanting to increase their wealth this year, Master Chau recommends keeping the southwest part of their house bright and clean – no peeling wallpaper or paint. You can put a small fountain in the area too. In your bedroom, keep your wallet in the southwest corner while you sleep.

Prosperity star

Sector: East

Affects: Rabbit

The Prosperity star improves wealth, especially if you’ve been employed in the long-term. If you’re a Rabbit, Marites says it’s a good time to make investments, expand your business, or follow up on possible promotions at work.

If there are any couples who are having a hard time having a baby, moving the bed to the east part of the room can help, says Master Chau.

Unlucky stars

Illness star

Sector: Center

Affects: Everyone

The Illness star affects everyone this year, regardless of what your sign is. This Year of the Monkey, members of the household are more susceptible to stress, accidents, and low energy levels, said Marites. Even Sheep and Monkeys, who are affected by the Wealth star, aren’t safe from poor health this year.

Aside from sickness, the Illness star also brings about illness, malicious rumors, and obstacles. To avoid this, you can try putting a health medallion in this area.

Conflict star

Sector: Northwest

Affects: Dog and Boar

The Conflict star has a negative effect on personal relationships – it attracts arguments, betrayals, gossip, and in worst-case scenarios, lawsuits.

Marites advises Dogs to control their tempers when provoked. When it comes to romantic relationships, Dogs are advised to be more patient and forgiving towards their partners too. Boars in relationships may go through some difficult challenges too.

Misfortune star

Sector: Northeast

Affects: Ox and Tiger

The Misfortune star brings about bad luck in all aspects – health, relationships, business and carrer, and finances.

Marites encourages Oxen and Tigers to be strong-willed and patient throughout this challenging year.

In general, everyone should be careful about the northeast portion of their homes. If your kitchen is in that area, be careful of fires. Avoid renovation and construction in this area this year. 

Robbery star

Sector: North

Affects: Rat

The Robbery star causes rivalry, burglary, violence, loss of wealth, and negative emotions. This shouldn’t discourage Rats though, says Marites, as they have a postitive outlook for success this year. Be careful with the people you associate with, and with your investments and loans.

For anyone wanting to avoid a loss of wealth this year, put a round, vertical jar or vase in the north area of your home and fill it with clean water.

The Flying Star feng shui method doesn’t only change yearly, it changes monthly and daily too. If you’re curious about your monthly feng shui forecast, Marites sells books for each zodiac sign, titled Horoscope Forecast 2016. Master Chau also has a book on the topic called Feng Shui Essentials. 

Whatever your 2016 forecast is, here’s to a happy Year of the Fire Monkey! – Rappler.com

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