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Filipino artists, writers launch new ‘Katipunan sa Kultura at Kasaysayan’ group
Filipino artists, writers launch new ‘Katipunan sa Kultura at Kasaysayan’ group

KKK 2022. The new 'Katipunan sa Kultura at Kasaysayan' organization was formed in January 2022.

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The new KKK 2022 pledges to promote our national culture and support the welfare of local artists, scholars, writers, and historians around the country

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino artists, writers, and scholars officially launched the new Katipunan sa Kultura at Kasaysayan (KKK2022) organization on Saturday, January 8, pledging to promote national culture and support the welfare of local artists, teachers, historians, and cultural workers around the country.

In a call to raise Filipino citizens’ cultural and historical awareness, as well as move toward “unity and progress,” the “new Katipunan for culture and history”, KKK2022, drew inspiration from the 1986 People Power Revolution. Over 40 Filipino artists, writers, historians, and academics were present at the founding, including National Artists Virgilio S. Almario, Ryan Cayabyab, Dr. Nicanor Tiongson, Dr. Jose Dalisay Jr., Noel Ferrer, Jerry Gracio, and more.

In a press release, the KKK2022 founders said that they did not condone the “deceitful use of Philippine history to serve the country’s ruling elites,” and related this to the “widespread corruption in government and to low literacy rates, especially in the countryside.” Almario said that KKK2022 wants to use our national culture as the “vital foundation” to economic and political programs.

The duties included in the Kartilya ng Katipunan sa Kultura at Kasaysayan are as follows:

  • Promote a national and nationalist culture and history based on the spirit of the 1896 Revolution
  • Preserve and promote a liberative, creative, and innovative culture
  • Support research and studies toward a correct interpretation of history, revealing colonial values, twisted reasoning, and deceptive narratives
  • Promote the National Language as a national cultural symbol and official language of the government and education while preserving all native languages and improving skills in English and other international languages
  • Applaud political and economic policies drawn from a correct appreciation of our culture and history
  • Defend the universal and impartial application of human rights, especially the freedom of expression and assembly, and the absolute right to criticize and investigate wrongdoing by government leaders and by political and business institutions
  • Oppose the culture of violence, the politics of deceit and opportunism, and laws and policies encouraging such culture and politics
  • Promote cultural and creative industries, Filipino products
  • Promote democratic education and programs to raise literacy nationwide
  • Serve the health and welfare of cultural workers

KKK2022’s first project will be a series of discussions on the proper teaching and study of Philippine history, followed by a drafting of a National Cultural Agenda that the group plans to propose to the next administration.

“We plan to present this agenda very soon to all the leading presidential candidates for their response and hopefully their support. We want to see how well they understand and appreciate our culture and history, and how committed they will be to our cultural development,” Almario said.

“It is time for all Filipinos to unite and stand for a truly free, just, independent, and safe society. It is time for artists, scholars, and cultural workers to take the lead in this endeavor, toward exposing obstacles to national progress, explaining the value of giving importance to our national culture, and promoting the understanding of a nationalist history that will foster love of country and the right values in the hearts and minds of our people,” KKK2022 said.

It said it hoped to harness the creative talents, knowledge, and skills of Filipinos to lead activities and conversations that “will confront ignorance, poverty, and other problems our country faces.”

KKK2022 is inviting all Filipino writers, artists, scholars, and those interested to join the organization by submitting their application online. They can also email –

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