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You got rizz? ‘Rizz’ is Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year

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You got rizz? ‘Rizz’ is Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year
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MANILA, Philippines – “Rizz,” a colloquial noun pertaining to “style, charm, or attractiveness” has been declared the word of the year for 2023 by the Oxford University Press, publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary. 

According to the Oxford University Press, “rizz” can also be defined as “the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner.” They added that the etymology of rizz is debated, but it’s mainly believed to come from the middle of the word “charisma.” 

Meanwhile, the Oxford University Press says that can also be used as a verb – “to rizz up” – meaning “to attract, seduce, or chat up (a person.)”

The New York Times reported that“rizz” was first popularized in 2022 by YouTube streamer Kai Cenat who shared “rizz tips” videos online. 

Then the word became more viral following a BuzzFeed interview with Tom Holland, where the British actor said “I have no rizz whatsoever. I have limited rizz,” in jest. Upon its virality, the Tom Holland moment “spawned a crush of memes,” according to the New York Times. 

According to Oxford Languages President Casper Grathwohl, “’Rizz’ is a term that has boomed on social media and speaks to how language that enjoys intense popularity and currency within particular social communities — and even in some cases lose their popularity and become passé — can bleed into the mainstream.” 

Grathwohl added: “The spike in usage data for ‘rizz’ goes to prove that words and phrases that evolve from internet culture are increasingly becoming part of day-to-day vernacular and will continue to shape language trends in the future.”

“Rizz” beat out other relevant additions to the Gen Z vocabulary, such as “prompt” (in the context of Artificial Intelligence), “Swiftie” (the word for Taylor Swift’s fans), and “situationship” (refers to romantic and/or sexual relationships that are not established). 

Meanwhile, Merriam-Webster announced “authentic” as their Word of the Year. – with additional reports from Ally De Leon/

Ally de Leon is a Rappler intern.

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