Your guide to Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020

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Your guide to Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020
Last December 19, Saturn entered Capricorn, inviting us all to reevaluate our lives and forcing us to grow up.

MANILA, Philippines – Every two and a half years or so, Saturn moves to another sign to teach us new lessons and to show us different approaches to learn these lesson, illuminating as well which areas of our lives they can be applied to. For the first time in nearly 30 years, Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19, after its 3-year stay in Sagittarius. Up until 2020, this transit is here to teach us the value of work and the effort required for our growth. Saturn is the teacher and task master so get ready to work, face your fears, and hopefully come out of this cycle with better clarity and purpose. Saturn in Capricorn puts us in charge, at the helm of our ship, master of our fate and captain of our soul. 

Saturn is the planet of karma, restriction, life lessons. It is heavy and sometimes unbearable until we acquire the right mindset to lift its weight off our shoulders and use it to help us toughen up.

With Saturn in Capricorn, its natural placement, the transit will operate with the uncompromising strength of the mountain goat, the symbol of Capricorn, who is combines prudence, ambition, hard work, and determination to get to the peak.  

How will Saturn in Capricorn affect your sign and how can you best approach the next three years?



For the next 3 years, as Saturn is in Capricorn, you are asked to focus on your career – your process of professionalism, to assist you in you climb up the mountain peak. The foundations you establish for yourself in terms of career will impact the next decade of your life. Do not, however, expect this transit to be a walk in the park. Saturn, the task master, presents you with an opportunity to work your ass off like never before. It’s time to get gritty: make your work a practice of self-actualization. The process of mastery involves being the fool by taking a risk, falling flat on your face, then later  learning to break the wall of your success and surpassing your limits. By focusing your energies on what’s important and applying yourself through initiating action, you can become the master of your craft.

Question to ask yourself: What work do I believe in? How can I develop this process of professionalism and mastery?



You are called to commit to a larger version of your self and your life. What you dedicate yourself to expanding and learning about over these 3 years will be your source of wisdom and wealth for the next decade. Choose the difficult path that will define you, the challenge that will bring you fulfillment. It’s the time to sow the seeds for your professional life and where you want to go in 3 years time. Saturn, the task master, provides you the opportunity to follow through with your visions and to tirelessly work towards your goal, doing what you can as often as possible. It’s time to apply build on your dream and stay on course.

Question to ask yourself: What opportunities can I open myself to? How can I build on my vision for myself?



Focus on your personal power and your exchanges of ideas, resources, and energy with other people. This is good time to examine what you have to offer others and what you need from them for your own well-being. Over the next 3 years, seek lasting collaborations that can transform you and push you towards possibility and opportunity. Saturn, the task master, challenges you to deal with your shadow side by confronting aspects of yourself that you have been denying – aspects of yourself that need to heal in order to attract good matches and help you uncover your gifts and manage your reservoirs of energy within.

Question to ask yourself: How can I build bonds that can help be achieve something bigger than myself?



You are called to build a home for your relationships. By building foundations of honesty within yourself and with others, you allow your partnerships to grow and mature. Saturn, the task master, asks you to commit to the relationships that allow you to focus on your own healing and help you honor your boundaries as well as their own. Commit to your growth by choosing each time to do the work your relationships offer. Trust that whomever you are working with, be in in love or business, that they are the means, the bridge, to your becoming a better version of yourself. Stick with those who are willing to go through the nitty gritty with you.

Question to ask yourself: What partnerships are the ones that matter and that help me evolve?



You are challenged to focus on the day to day efforts you make and to honor the hard work you put into everyday mundane matters. During this time, you may feel a stronger yearning to accomplish something meaningful or to be of service. Saturn, the task master, presents you the chance to get things done and to do what you can with the limited resources available. If you put in effort, your hard work at this time will get you noticed. The joy is not so much the destination but the journey of seeing yourself as a work in progress and working towards the mastery of your craft. Quit waiting for the perfect moment to act. Go do and keep doing. Right now.  

Question to ask yourself: How can I show up and be seen?



For the next 3 years, as Saturn is in Capricorn, you are tasked to commit to pleasure and fun as a practice of self-actualization. Pursuits undertaken with children, romantic relationships, art, music, will impact your life for the next decade. Saturn, the task master, asks you to find the sweet spot between effort and ease, as being too disciplined and exacting may extinguish your creative flame. Saturn wants you to realize the power you have to manifest yourself in the material world and to develop a new understanding of what is possible when you dedicate yourself entirely to a creative endeavor. While self-doubt and feeling of lack may strike, understand that this is the result of having creatively engaged with life. When you hit that wall where you feel stuck, it is a sign of your growth and a challenge to push past your limitations and into new realms of creativity. Commitment to the process, to our growth, is what will pull you though trying times.

Question to ask yourself: How can I use my creativity for self-realization?



Your focus should be on the home, your family, and your foundations. Saturn will push you to face issues from the past and help you heal hurts you never thought could be mended. Saturn, the task master, provides you an anchor to ground and offer another perspective, another take on your story. It’s all about history, or rather, her story and defining what feels safe for you. What are your boundaries? Can you respect them and learn to say no? No matter the circumstance, no one was the right to cross your boundaries and violate you for their personal gain. For the next 3 years, if you allow it, Saturn can help you restructure your home life, improve familial relationships, and most importantly rebuild yourself and your identity from the ground up. Find what makes you feel safe, your safe space and use this to help you build a stronger and more secure you.

Question to ask yourself: What are my boundaries? Can I learn to say no in order to respect my boundaries?



You are asked to understand the real meaning of time management and focus. Value your time and avoid scattering your energies doing things irrelevant to your long-term goals. The next 3 years will be a series of decisions whether you spend you time for your self-actualization or not. Saturn, the task master, asks you to apply disciplined dedication by controlling your impulses that satisfy the ego and to direct energy to projects and pursuits that will help you evolve and that matter for your long-term growth. This transit calls you to set future goals and examine how they way you spend your days brings you close to those goals. Create a daily ritual or a meditation practice that cleanses and centers you, to help you manifest the goals. Mapping out a plan to follow daily to lead you to that direction would be beneficial.

Question to ask yourself: Am I spending my time pursuing my purpose?



The last 3 years have been tough for you, hasn’t it? As we bid adieu to Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn asks you to take your lessons of resilience, dedication, determination, and self-acceptance from the past three years and use it as foundations for building more structure for the long-term. Saturn, the task master, presents the opportunity to help you manifest success in the material world – to help you create sustaining work that you feel passionate enough to commit to. Saturn is here to teach you about finances, learning the ins and outs of your business, and working with your current resources. Understanding your doubts and fears towards money matters and developing awareness will allow you to utilize your potential and the inner resources you already possess.

Question to ask yourself: What does wealth really mean to you?



For the next 3 years, Saturn is in your sign. This transit provides you the opportunity to focus on defining yourself. Who do you want to grow yourself into? Saturn, the task master, presents you the opportunity to bring you back to yourself as it returns to its natural placement in Capricorn. This is the time to focus on your own becoming – redefining and refining yourself – who you are and what you are capable of becoming. In the next 3 years, if you use your lazer focus and about ability to keep out distractions, it can be an empowering time for success after much labor. How this transit will affect you depends your approach but either way, it will be a powerful one. The work is ultimately on you – You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.

Question to ask yourself: What do you want to grow yourself into?



For the next 3 years, Saturn is in Capricorn presenting you with opportunity to release the ideas and habits that don’t serve your growth. Saturn, the task master, will help you come to terms with the endings in your life which require you accept and practice detachment. It will also shine light on self destructive patterns that operate unconsciously which you will need to address. Saturn sitting on the twelfth house of suffering, the unconscious, and spirituality calls you to hold on and trust in the process amidst your irrational emotions that seem to come our of nowhere. The more you let go of control and learn to swim with the current, the more you will be able to tune into wisdom from within. Et lux in tenebris lucet – and the light shineth in the darkness.

Question to ask yourself: For the next three years, how can I learn to trust the process of turning darkness into light?



You are being asked to focus on finding your tribe and building strong connections with those who share your dreams and visions. Take this time to notice what environment is able to teach you most about yourself. Learn from the nuggets of wisdom from your elders. Pisces, as a psychic sponge, it is so easy for you to fall into negativity because you so easily absorb people’s energies. Saturn, the task master, presents you the task of strengthening your boundaries and taking care of yourself and your visions. To learn to give yourself the time, space, love, and energy you give everyone else.

Question to ask yourself: Who is my tribe? How can I attract my own?


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