Your health horoscope for 2018

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Your health horoscope for 2018
Find out which parts of your body that are weakest according to your astrological sign

MANILA, Philippines – Astrologers have long recognized that the signs seem to ‘rule’ various parts of the body. Ptolemy’s tetrabiblos – written almost 2,000 years ago – shows their commonly recognized association. The astrological indications were a prerequisite of medical treatments at medieval universities; today they are linked with the glandular system, and the doctors who use them are impressed by their accuracy. You can use astrology to be be more aware of which parts of your body are most susceptible to weakness.



Aries rules the head: the cerebrum. If a person has a lot of planets in Aries, there is a tendency for him to have migraines. Mars, which rules Aries, is associated with the left ear, veins, and genitals. It also rules the gonads and sex glands. Aside from head aches, the Arian is likely to suffer from accidents due to carelessness: cuts, burns, lost teeth. Avoid getting physically and emotionally overheated. Not too much spicy food during the new year!



Taurus rules the neck, ears, lower jaw, and throat. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of the good stuff, they have a reputation for overeating. Weight gain and throat infections are common. To counter this, limit your consumption of sweet rich food and comfort food.



Gemini rules the lungs, bronchial tubes, shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, giving the sign an emphasis on mental processes, and making Gemini natives naturally quick and bright. Nervous strain and tension, restlessness, arm and shoulder injuries, and bronchitis are common. To counter their restlessness, it’s important a Gemini occupy himself with a combinations of physical and intellectual activities.



Cancer rules the breasts, stomach, and the alimentary canal. The moon, which rules Cancer, is traditionally connected with the stomach, womb, and the faculties of taste. This sign is associated with the whole alimentary system. Digestive problems brought on by worry and serious sunburn due to sensitive skin are common for the Cancer native. Adopting a more rational attitude to counter their worry-wart tendencies and having regular health examinations would be good for them.



Leo rules the heart, back, and spine. The sun, ruler of Leo, is said by Ptolemy to rule the brain, heart, sinews, and right-hand side of the body. It’s now associated with the thymus and endocrine gland and connected with the body’s immunization system. Backaches and spine injuries are common for the Leo native. Regular exercise to avoid health problems and to keep the back supple are suggested.



Virgo rules the intestines and the solar plexus. With Mercury as Virgo’s ruling planet, it also rules the nervous system. Worry, nervous tension leading to migraine and bowel problems are common to the Virgo native. It is important for them to develop calm through a practice of relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.



Libra rules the kidneys and the lumbar regions. There is a connection to urinary problems.

With Venus as the ruling planet of this sign, the goodness of pleasure and excess, there is a tendency to overeat. Weight gain, physical and psychological headaches result. An even tenor to life through regular eating and enjoyable exercise is recommended.



Scorpio rules the sexual organs, the bladder, the prostate, and the rectum.

Traditionally ruled by Mars, Scorpios are prone to accidents due to carelessness. Ruled by Pluto, the god of power, Scorpio natives are prone to burn out. Avoid excess in all spheres of life especially in eating and sexual behavior.



Sagittarius rules the thighs and hips, and also the blood vessels. Its ruler is Jupiter, which rules the liver, arteries, semen, and is associated with pituitary gland which regulates hormone production and bodily growth. Sagittarius natives are prone to weight gain around the hips and thighs. Make sure physical and intellectual energy is burned equally to counter restlessness.



Capricorn rules knees, bones, and teeth. It’s ruler is Saturn, ruling the spleen, bladder, phlegm, and bones, and is associated with anterior lobe of the pituitary gland which regulates the sex glands and affects bone and muscle structure. Arthritic conditions and dental problems are common to Capricorn natives as well as knee injuries. Advice is to keep moving in order to avoid stiffness in joints and to develop a more positive attitude to the Capricorn’s serious approach to life.



Aquarius rules the circulation. It’s traditional ruler is Saturn , ruling the spleen, bladder, phlegm, and bones  and is associated with anterior lobe of the pituitary gland which regulates the sex glands and affects bone and muscle structure. Its modern ruler is Uranus, which astrologers associate with the pineal gland, the mysterious “third eye.” Aquarius are prone to weak ankles and poor blood circulation. It’s important to keep warmer than he or she feels is necessary and to set aside their stubborn nature and listen to advice when given.



Pisces rules the feet and is also said to be ruling sign of medical practice. Its traditional planet is Jupiter which rules the liver, arteries, semen, and associated with pituitary gland which regulates hormone production and bodily growth. Its modern ruler is Neptune, which affects thalamus a brain structure which affects the transmission of stimuli between the sensory organs. Foot problems and weight gain are common for the Pisces native. They must be aware of the tendency towards negative escapism. Gird your loins and get it together.


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