Love connection: January 2018 horoscopes

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Love connection: January 2018 horoscopes
Does the new year mean a new romance for you?




On January 1, Cancer Supermoon full moon ask you to open your heart and feel. As the full moon is a time for endings and transition, now would be a good time to ask yourself: Am I ready for the next step in this significant relationship? This day can bring about a decision to level up the relationship or call it quits.

Mars sits with Jupiter in the night sky on January 6. With Mars’ fiery energy and Jupiter’s risk taking personality – you’ll feel the need to push things to the limit and feel a bit more intensely. The truth must be told but try not to come off too strongly or speak too bluntly. Truth with compassion.

On January 9, Venus and Pluto meet up filling the air with more seriousness to commit. As the planet of love aligns with the planet to obsession and power, you may have an urge to go all in with this relationship or to delve deeper into it. In typical Aries fashion, be careful not to dive head first and act like the fool but give more thought and conversation as to where the relationship is right now and where it can go in the future.

On January 17 until February, Venus moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, blurring the line between friends and lovers. For Venus and Aquarius, unconventional love is the way they like it. As the planet of love sits with the planet of innovation and technology, interesting interactions could result from this 3-week transit so update those online dating profiles! What a perfect time to mingle more with friends or do some volunteer work.

Mars will move from introverted Scorpio to restless Sagittarius on January 26 until March 17. This transit will get you feeling more of a #lakwachera as it sits in your ninth house of travel and expansion. Adventure awaits whether you are single or in a relationship. Couples may be booking trips to an undiscovered destination as the single Arian would be itching to get out and explore, possibly encountering a seductive stranger on his or her travels.

 On January 31, a total lunar eclipse and supermoon in Leo will occur in the night sky, and a budding love affair could develop into something more. With the moon sitting on the fifth house of creativity and romance, a desire for self-expression may be strengthened. Pursue a passion project or passionate relationship. Since emotions may be intensified at this time, try to keep strong reactions in check.




On January 6, Mercury forms a harmonious relationship with Uranus. Unexpected Uranus may bring you or a person of interest to blurt out a secret confession which can spark an intense attraction possibly leading to a clandestine hookup. While you may be on fire, consider the consequences before taking the bait.

As Mars aligns with Jupiter on January 6 in the seventh house of relationships, you may be motivated to take a risk and level up your commitment in this relationship. You may be tempted to rush into things and leap without looking. What a great day for open dialogue if you are prepared for complete honesty at this time.

On January 9, Venus sits with Pluto in the ninth house of truth. Now is the time to speak your truth, speak from the heart, but at the same time to listen attentively, to be practical and levelheaded with events that transpire.

Mars in Scorpio moves to Mars in Sagittarius on January 26 and stays there until March 17. Steamy Mars marches into your eighth house of soul connections for the first time in two years! This is the energy you’ve been waiting for so get out there and enjoy the sizzle but watch out for Mars’ jealous and possessive tendencies in yourself.

On January 31, the full moon in Leo on the fourth house of family has the possibility to shake you up and leave you #shookt from the strong emotions that surface around your family. Now is the time to take action on your visions of a new home, a new roommate or perhaps a move or change of scenery you’ve been craving.




On January 9, Venus, planet love, aligns with Pluto, planet truth, in your intimate eighth house. This can bring about some soulful conversations. The truth, if spoken with compassion, can set you free and deepen your connection. At this transit, you could meet someone for the first time yet feel like you’ve known them before. #pastlifeconnects #soulmates

 Mercury sits in Capricorn on January 11 until January 31, in your eighth house of intimacy. This is a great time for deeper, more substantial conversations, discussing about plans for the future and make things official.

On January 13, Venus forms a square with Uranus, forming a slight disharmony. Seeking instant gratification could lead to the pursuit of an unhealthy relationship because the  typical Gemini fashion, you want what you want when you want it, which is always right NOW. Be cautious of the virtual relationships you form and the sparks you feel with friends. Once you go there, there’s no turning back. The damage cannot be undone.

The new moon in Capricorn on January 16 marks the beginning of a deep cycle emphasizing intimacy and soul bonding. It’s a good time for you Gemini singles to plant the seeds for relationship and  to open yourself up to trusting and connection.

On January 17 until February 10, Venus is in Aquarius, pointing to your desire for independence, spontaneous travel, and cross-cultural romances. Get out of your comfort zone. Open yourself up to possibility.

On January 26 until March 17, Mars moves into Sagittarius in the house of one-on-one relationships and brings back passion into our life as a couple. If you’re single, things could get hot for you quick and official even faster!




Mars aligns with Jupiter on January 6 in your house of passion and creativity. What a great time to let others know what you feel as you’ll generally feel more confident. However, just be careful not to come on too strong and overwhelm other with your intensity.

On January 9, Venus and Pluto join forces in hopes of improving your relationships – or show you the way to a new one – if you’re single and looking. When the planet of love and depth reside together, being more open and vulnerable in this new relationship is great way to take advantage of the cosmic energies.

With Mercury moving to Capricorn on January 11 until January 31, in the area of partnerships, you’ll get to confront the topics you referred avoiding in the past and come up a concrete plan of action. Remember that the key is to be able to compromise.

 On January 13, when Venus squares Uranus, it’s time for a reality check before investing your energy in a specific relationship. Are yours goals aligned? Do you share the same values? While this transit may not be fun, it is good for internal work and growth.

With the new moon in Capricorn on January 16, get ready for a relationship revamp! This timely event brings new energy into your partnerships, grounding them more and building foundations. If you are single, set intentions for the kind of partner you’d like to attract this year, listing the most important qualities you’d want yet at the same time leaving the universe some room to work some magic.

On January 17 until February 10, Venus is in Aquarius in your intimate eighth house. Lasting for 3 weeks, make sure to take advantage of your extra dose of magnetic appeal. A little mystery goes a long way.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on January 26 and stays there until March 17. What you focus on at this time will be intensified and you’ll notice yourself becoming more analytical. Like a hawk, nothing seems to escape your watchful eye. At this time, watch out for overly-perfectionist tendencies and being too critical of others.

With Mercury in Aquarius from January 31 until February 17 in the eighth house of seduction and intimacy, you will desire a deeper connections and the way to do this is my talking about your needs and desires more openly. If you don’t communicate, cancer folk, how do you expect to receive? Not everyone is a mind reader like you.



On January 1, get ready for sweet surrender on the full moon in Cancer. Resting on the twelfth house of endings and healing, this may be just what you need to let go of something you’ve been clinging to. On this New Year’s day, you could have a realization about a person that holds you back and decide to move on. #byefelicia!

Mars and Jupiter align on January 6 with one important fashion tip: It’s time to stop hiding and time to wear your heart on your sleeve. Don’t let the fear of abandonment or of hurting people prevent you from being who you really are.

Venus forms a slight tension with Uranus on January 13, giving you a tough-love time reminding you to listen to how you speak in your intimate relationships, that you don’t come off as a bossy know-it-all. When you speak your truth, do so with loving kindness and compassion.

 On January 17 until February 10, Venus will be in Aquarius, in your area of partnerships. This transit can bring back the harmony in your relationships and attract possible mates with long term potential.

Mars transitions from brooding Scorpio to fiery Sagittarius on January 26 and stays there until March 17. Once in every two years, it visits the house of your passions and romance. Whatever intentions you set, whatever it is you want, ask and you shall receive.

From January 31 until February 17, Mercury will be in Aquarius. When the communication planet floats into  air sign Aquarius, in your area of relationships, you’ll have a much easier time communicating, talking about, and resolving sensitive issues. For the single Leos, there will be no such thing as too much flirting for the next 3 weeks.



On January 9, game-changing Pluto and romantic Venus meet up and love affairs can accelerate at the speed of light. A casual connection could suddenly feel like a karmic one during this transit. The dark side is that Pluto tends to get obsessive and possessive. Rise above that controlling behavior in your love life whichever role you play in the partnership.

On January 16, the Capricorn full moon falling on your fifth house of passion, invites you to get more practical in matters of love. Because  it’s in an earth sign, this would be a good time to talk about the boring yet essential practicalities like expenses and saving up for long-term goals.

 From January 11 until January 31, Mercury will reside in Capricorn. At this flirty and perky transit, the planet of communication in your love life can inspire you to open and be direct about your desires.

On January 17 until February 10, Venus in Aquarius couples can bond through working out or going on a medical or clean up mission – anything that serve their bodies or puts them in the service of others. This is a great time to find kinds in your relationship and work on them. Single Virgos might meet someone who’s a keeper while engaged in healthy and service-oriented pursuits.

When Pluto and Mercury align on January 24, you might feel an irresistible pull to someone, an attraction so enigmatic, so difficult to describe. You may get into deep conversation that takes the relationship to a new level. Come clean with your secrets. The truth will set you free!

When Mars enters Sagittarius on January 26 until March 17 in your house of security, your moods may intensity and help to express the feelings you’ve been bottling in for a while.

On January 31, the full moon will be in the sign of the lion. This powerful total eclipse will put emphasis on transitions and healing – giving you the opportunity to release something or someone holding you back. The sooner you do it, the faster you will be able to move on and grow.


On January 9, romantic Venus aligns with shadowy Pluto, giving you an air of mystery. You’ve got a poker face on. If you’re feeling more sensitive and vulnerable these couple of days, it’s okay so lay low and protect yourself from the chaotic world.

Mercury will sit in Capricorn from January 11 until January 31. While communicating about your feelings isn’t always comfortable, with Capricorn in the emotional fourth house, getting things off your chest and expressing what you feel may be very comforting.

Lots of cosmic energy on January 13. First, Saturn and Mercury align in Capricorn in the house of emotions. Practice restraint and thought before telling someone how you feel about them. Couples could have a serious talk about the future they want to create. It’s a time for grounding. Don’t rush. Second cosmic movement is Venus squaring Uranus which can bring about hurt feelings from the insensitive behavior of this significant other. Hold on before reacting passive-aggressively and stirring up some drama.

On January 16,  the Capricorn new moon residing on your fourth house of family, assists you in beginning a new emotional chapter – to open up and be vulnerable. If you’re a single Libra, ask yourself: Is there room for a partner in emotional abode?

From January 17 until February 10, Venus will be in Aquarius. This transit will shine light in your romantic life for the next 3 weeks. If your New Year’s resolutions involves finding or deeping a more meaningful relationship with someone, this transit should help.

On January 26 until March 17, Mars will be in Sagittarius. Energetic Mars trumps into your area of communication for two months and gets you talking more directly about your needs and wants. While more arguments may ensue between couples, this transit’s energy can help get things out in the open. If you’re a single Libra, sparks could fly with a friend or you could be casually dating around. Why rush into commitment when you’re having fun swiping right and playing the field?

 Mercury will be in Aquarius on January 31 until February 17. If you’ve been unable to express your feelings for the past few weeks, this transit will help you voice out your desires and if you’ve been frustrated by a lack of progress with someone, this transit gives you than extra dose of confidence to make the first move.



On January 6, fiery Mars aligns with risk taking Jupiter making it impossible not to vocalize your desires. You’ll be inspired to take that chance and get out of your comfort zone. Revel in the present if you are drawn to this special someone instead of projecting into the future.

On January 9, Venus aligns with Pluto, intensifying conversations especially those spoken with honesty. When these planets align, what ensues can be life changing. Wait and see what I mean.

From January 17 – February 10 Venus is in Aquarius. The planet of love enters the emotional and security seeking fourth house, waking up your more nostalgic and sentimental side. Longtime couples could be happy spending time at home with friends and family.

Mars will be in Sagittarius from January 26 until March 17. With sizzling Mars in your house of self-worth, don’t be afraid to respect and assert your boundaries. Showing that you value yourself will filter out the users in your life. With Mars in the security-seeking sector, you may be bothered about an on-off relationship. Be cautious not to exert too much pressure on this relationship.

On January 31 until February 17, Mercury will be in Aquarius. It’s visit to your fourth house of emotions assists you in opening up about your vulnerabilities.


The Cancer full moon on January 1 in your eighth house of intimacy shines light on a special relationship you want to kick off and develop this year. identify weak spots in yourself and relationship and resolve to strengthen them. For the single Sagittarius, make a goal of being more emotionally vulnerable this year instead of trying to prove how capable you are. Everyone knows that already, archer.

On January 9, Venus and Pluto meet up in the house of self-worth. Old fears and self-limiting beliefs on love may resurface. There may be deep soul-baring talks on the agenda.

On January 17 until February 10, Venus will be in Aquarius in  your house of communication. What a perfect time for sweet talk and socializing. Single fellas should aim their arrows not too far from home, as chances of finding love locally are higher. Couples will have more fun socializing together. Who said you couldn’t celebrate Valentine’s day a month early?

On January 26 until March 17, Mars is in Sagittarius – giving you back the mojo you’ve been waiting for. Time for new beginnings! You’re ready to travel light and start an adventurous new chapter. Confidence and charisma will be your allies in this transit. Get ready to turn heads, heartbreaker!




On January 1, the full moon is in Cancer on your house of relationships. This may bring an important relationship to the forefront and push you to decide whether it’s worth the time and effort.

On January 6, Mercury trines with Uranus, bringing a directness and honesty in the air. Get ready for impromptu confessions as you or a special someone may suddenly blurt out their feelings. Self-care is important in this transit as well as caring for those who have opened their hearts to you.

On January 9, Venus and Pluto align giving you extra intuitive powers to confirm or deny a “vibe” with this special someone. Go with your gut!

On January 17 until February 10, Venus resides in Aquarius. For the single Capricorn, you could meet someone through a work event or through mutual friends. Interested in a blind date? Say yes, please!

On January 26 until March 17, Mars will be in Sagittarius in your house of endings and healing. Fiery Mars pushes you to seek new healthy ways to help you process heavy emotional stuff. Find what fits you – exercise, therapy, a support group, the library. To each his own healing.

On January 31, the full moon will be in Leo (a rare blue moon), also happens to be a supermoon and lunar eclipse. This luminary shed the spotlight on your house of intimacy. Stronger emotions may be expressed as well as an attraction turning into a love affair. Couples may be willing to take things to the next level!




On January 6, Mars and Jupiter align on your house of community and vision. Put your ideas for the future into a detailed plan and make sure your tribe of like minded souls or your partner is/are with you.

Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 11 and stays there until January 31 in your house of dreams. There is no limit to what your imagination can whip up at this time. Got a partner who is down with that? This is also a good time for a healing conversation that can settle issues and lay emotions to rest.

On January 16, the new moon in Capricorn calls you to surrender. Let down your walls and begin a new chapter. Make space in your life to let the new and good times begin.

On January 17 until February 10, Venus will be in Aquarius – your own sign! For the next 3 weeks, you’ll be a magnet and petmalu head-turner. Whether single or attached, water bearer, you’re in the mood for love!

With Mars in Sagittarius from January 26 until March 17, Mars takes a romp through your eleventh house of community and technology. For couples, it’s a great time to fill your events calendar as socializing will fill your cups to the brim this transit. For Aquarius singles, you’ll be extra magnetic at any party or gathering. Time to have some fun!



A Cancer full moon illuminates the sky on January 1 on your house of romance and sensuality. This may bring on a possible prospect, a tidal wave of intense emotions, and a high risk of drama from both other people and your sweet self.

On January 9, venus aligns with Pluto igniting a soulmate connection with a friend or online match. You may have felt an instant click with this person. Could this be a #pastlifeconnection?

On January 17 until February 10, Venus will reside in Aquarius in the twelfth house of dreams and fantasy. Get ready to be swept away. For couples, it’s a great time for a romantic escape. The twelfth house rules endings and closure and suggests a time for healing and forgiving someone, moving on from a relationship that has run its course.

With Mars in Sagittarius from January 26 until March 17, for the first time in two years, your career will be at the spotlight. You’ll be relentless in setting, reaching, and exceeding your goals for the year. Take a chill pill and try not to let the pressure get to you. You’re on the road to success. Go for the gold!


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