Cosmic forecast: here’s what’s written in our stars for 2018!
Cosmic forecast: here’s what’s written in our stars for 2018!
Is 2018 going to be a better year than 2017?

With the political and economic upheaval the past year, could stability be in the stars for us in 2018? A peek at the heavens says yes, things may get a little more quiet this year ’round. 

By November 2018, 3 planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune) will be residing in their “home signs,” making a comfortable expression of the planet’s energy:

  • Jupiter will be in Sagittarius from November 8 until December 2, 2019.
  • Saturn is in Capricorn from December 19, 2017 until December 17, 2020. (READ: Your guide to Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020)
  • Pisces is in Neptune from February 3, 2012 until January 2026.

We get a double dose of what each planet rules: Jupiter gives us that extra dose of optimism; Saturn, pragmatism; and Neptune, compassion. With the planets comfortably sitting in their own signs, here’s to hoping we feel their alignment and stability here on Earth.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter gives us clues on which areas humanity will expand and evolve. Every 12 to 13 months, it shifts to a different sign, shaping the mood and theme for the year.

In 2017, Jupiter was in Libra, the sign of the diplomat, justice, and peace. Jupiter rules international relations, travel, media, and higher education. Last year, we witnessed attacks on journalism’s credibility with “fake news” and a peaceful protest against dictatorship and tyranny during the Martial Law anniversary.

In 2018, as Jupiter moves into Scorpio, the sign of the detective, the little things will matter. Attention to detail will be at the forefront. Themes of rebirth, transformation, power, real estate, and long term-finances all fall under Scorpio’s property. We can expect more secrets to come to the surface, as well as shifts in global power structures.

On November 8, 2018 Jupiter moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius focusing on international issues and the bigger picture. With independence-loving Sagittarius in it’s natural placement in Jupiter, there may be a boom in start-ups, solo entrepreneurship, travel, and multicultural relationships, as we crave more freedom during this transit.

Love and relationships

In 2018, as Jupiter will be in Scorpio, attitudes about love and sexuality will be awakened. Jupiter, the ruler of higher education, media, and publishing could help reform sex education programs, spread awareness on gender stereotyping, and protect privacy in the age of Snapchat. Scorpio rules psychology, psyche, the soul. Delving into human behavior and motivations could make a difference in our relationships and in the safe expression of our sexuality.

On November 2018, open minded Sagittarius is all about blurring boundaries in gender, race, and religion. New ways of connecting will allow us to maintain and nurture our long-distance love and honest communication. Conversations may come with a TMI warning, though, as people will be moved to share more openly about their escapades – there will really be no shame.

Fashion and style

Fashion takes a turn for the teased and tailored. With Jupiter in sexy Scorpio, smoky eyes and seductive silhouettes will be the highlighted classic. Designers may take inspiration from the broken and dark aspects of humanity – kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics, shows the possibility of new life that becomes even more refined after its scars. This season will take pride in the brokenness that should not be hidden but displayed with power and pride. Hairstyles may transition from blonde and cotton candy dye to sleek and severe blacks. Black leather dresses and burlesque styles can weave their way back into our closets.

With the specialist Scorpio as the stylist, custom, limited edition, “small batch” fashion lines could do well. Hand-painted, hand-engraved artisan pieces with rich history behind them would be much appreciated at this time, compared to fast fashion. 

On November 8, 2018, styles will shift from exclusive to expansive. We’ll want clothing with personality and that make a statement. Exaggerated details and eye-popping colors may return. We’ll want clothing that frees rather than binds as Sagittarius will get us on the go! 

Health and wellness

With Jupiter in Scorpio providing depth and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, breakthroughs in research and pioneering discoveries may make headlines. Psychology, which is ruled by Scorpio, could be developed, which will lead to new therapy developments, like hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness meditation.

In the medical field, holistic treatments could be integrated to satisfy Scorpio’s spiritual and mystical desires. The symbol of the phoenix, which is likened to Scorpio, shows us our ability to regenerate and rise from the ashes after tough times. This might bring a rise in self-healing through more traditional and spiritual rituals – reiki, pranic healing, and the like.

There may also be a growing fascination with the afterlife and past lives with the spread of the new scientific revolution. An openness to non-Western philosophic views on death may be of interest if worldly Jupiter wants it to be.

On November 8, after all the depth that we are submerged in, we are ready to feel alive and kicking. Jupiter moves to Sagittarius for the next year. Action, athletics, and the outdoors, replaces Scorpio’s brooding and intensity. Excess in food and energy consumption abound. Eating healthy would be difficult if restrictions are felt. It must come with a feeling of bounty and community, as Sagittarius needs to feel free and connected to a bigger cause. As Sagittarius loves to preach and teach, education on nutrition and fitness may boom at this time.

Uranus in Taurus

As Uranus enters Taurus, the sign of money and daily work, from May 15, 2018 until April 2026, we can expect fluctuations and surprises in business, redefining the way we spend, earn, save, invest. Innovation and technology will play a role – think Bitcoin, and the development of artificial intelligence. This transit will be all about economic reform. 

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune, the planet of compassion, self-care, and the spiritual, continues to float in its home sign until 2026. We see Neptune’s touch in the booming of the wellness movement. All things considered “woowoo” – yoga, meditation, and crystals have now been integrated in our lifestyles. The arts and social activism are championed by creative and compassionate Neptune for the Earth’s healing.


During these times of uncertainty, what a comfort to have the tools of astrology to help us get through. The stars don’t hand us quick fixes but instead, offer us rough guidance, clues on how to live better lives. The stars are our teachers and our guides – the ones who send us home with tons of homework and push us to master our life lesson more deeply. Instead of giving us answers, they may lead to us to even more questions, presenting us the opportunity to examine our lives. Rather than being tossed around by fate, it’s time to be masters of our fates and captains of our souls. May the stars serve as your compass in finding your treasure this 2018! –

Monica Lopez Gamboa, also known as Monch the Mystic, completed Debra Silverman’s Online Astrology Program in April 2016 and has been giving readings since. Her dream is that one day the entire country (and the world!) will be able to speak the language of the stars, not as taboo, but as an avenue for self-awareness and self-actualization. Book a reading with Monch on her website.

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