What’s in the stars for 2019?

Monch the Mystic

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What’s in the stars for 2019?
How will 2019 start for you?

This year, we are handed with a mix of grounding earth sign energies and motivating fire sign energies.

Expansive Jupiter spent the last year in Scorpio, unearthing the truth. We saw scandals come to the surface and corruption exploded on a global stage. Were you tested and pushed to the edge?

As we approach 2019, Jupiter travels through its sign – Sagittarius until December 2, 2020 giving us wide-angle lenses to be able to see the bigger picture again. We are invited to take risks in the name of growth.

In 2019, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and 3 eclipses of the year land in earth signs. What does this suggest? Earth energy brings stability and sensuality as it governs the material world. The energy reminds us to stay present and enjoy what we have. An overdose of earth however keeps us stuck in our ways and makes us a bit more materialistic – as it is sensory earth’s quest to accumulate “stuff.”

As the stars bring us back down to earth, we’ve got cosmic permission to find magic in the mundane. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to enjoy the short time we have on earth with hearts full of gratitude. It is in finding genuine pockets of joy, no matter what life hits us with, that you may find happiness. It is only then that we can start to transform the fear-based energy that’s so ingrained in the way we do things today. We are able to reclaim our resilience by becoming the source of our own happiness instead of waiting for someone else to “fix” the world.


Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune in their home signs

When a planet is in its home sign, it is visiting the zodiac sign it belongs to, doubling the strength of its energy. In other words, whatever force it is, we experience it twice as much.

Jupiter, for 11 months, is in the home sign of Sagittarius. The largest of the planets and the zodiac sign of expansion and elevation provides that extra dose of optimism to go big!

However, this is matched with Saturn in the home sign of Capricorn. The stabilizer and stern Saturn charging through the zodiac sign of structure invited us to take the time to plan and prepare for our big goals.

How then do we resolve these two opposing energies? One telling us to be bold while the other, to be cautious?

Neptune is the key, inviting us to go into silence and meditation. Doubling the planet’s effects as Neptune is in Pisces, it’s home sign until 2024, the fanaticism for astrology, crystals, meditation, will definitely endure. This double strength from the planet of illusion warns us to be discerning and cautions us against following false gurus or prophets, looking for answers outside ourselves instead of within, and living with a victim mindset.


Chiron in Aries: Self-esteem wounds

It is time to speak up and reclaim your voice. In mythology, the centaur Chiron was known as the “wounded healer” after being poisoned with an incurable wound by one of Hercules’ arrows. Chiron was a philosopher, teacher – and, yes, healer – who, ironically, could not heal himself. Whichever sign Chiron is in is where we must direct our healing. With Chiron in the sign of Aries, the sign of the self, we are invited to heal any old pain around not feeling worthy or good enough, not equipped enough to manifest and achieve our dreams. We are directed towards scaling new personal heights, shedding limiting beliefs and low self esteem.

As we move out of 2018’s intense year, we enter 2019, a year which is all about creativity and communication. Instead of bickering with each other, maybe we’ll start devising some innovative ways of living that move us past the old models.

Have a great year ahead! – Rappler.com


 Monica Lopez Gamboa, also known as Monch the Mystic, completed Debra Silverman’s Online Astrology Program in April 2016 and has been giving readings since.

Her dream is that one day the entire country (and the world!) will be able to speak the language of the stars as an avenue for self-awareness and self-actualization. Book a reading with Monch on her website.

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