We’re obsessed with ‘Judy Ann’s Kitchen’ and you should be, too

Maggie Adan

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We’re obsessed with ‘Judy Ann’s Kitchen’ and you should be, too
Sometimes cooking show, sometimes comedy show

Move over, Ina Garten. Step aside, Giada de Laurentiis. There’s a new kitchen queen who has stolen our hearts by way of our stomachs. And we’re not just talking about the dishes she whips up, but also the belly laughs she serves up.

The production value is impressive and her kitchen is camera-ready, but Judy Ann’s Kitchen is unlike any cooking show on air today. Less Ina Garten and more Julia Child, Juday keeps it waaaay real.

She’s not afraid to make mistakes and isn’t a bit interested in hiding her blunders: She overseasons the pork, burns her tongue constantly, and struggles with her food processor almost every time she uses it. But that’s the genius of her show; because in real life, this is what happens in the kitchen. It never goes as perfectly as how the chefs on television make it look.

Make no mistake though, the woman can cook. (ICYDK: Judy Ann took a culinary course at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies in San Juan, even graduating with honors!)

When she confidently measures ingredients by look and feel, handles a knife like a true pro, and cooks with the flexibility of someone who is in command of the ingredients at her disposal, you’re reminded that she knows her way around the kitchen, notwithstanding the fact that her food processor is out to undermine her every step of the way. But we don’t tune in purely to learn how to cook, not really.

In fact if we’re being completely honest, we subscribed to the channel mostly for the comedy. And there’s plenty of comedy.

As Juday would say, ’Yun ’yun e! However, we have to admit, her recipes for Tinapa Rolls, Seafood Kare-Kare, and Mamon Bread Pudding have won us over. They look absolutely delicious. And we’re learning to cook despite ourselves.

Keeping it real 

OIL ATTACK. Judy Ann vs hot oil, round 1.

Part of the charm of Judy Ann’s Kitchen is that and she keeps it real. Yes, she can cook, but she’s not above showing that she also makes mistakes in the kitchen. She tastes her dishes a little too soon and burns her tongue, screams bloody murder at hot oil jumping out of the pan, and walks out on her food processor. All. On. Cam. And we love her all the more for it. You just keep doing you, Juday. 

A dash of life lessons and a pinch of wisdom

LIFE... LESSONS? 'Babala. Wag mag-luto nang naka off-shoulder.' Screenshot from the Judy Ann's Kitchen Youtube page

We also tune in for the Juday-isms. Aside from expert cooking tips, she dishes out life lessons, too. She even throws in some valuable sartorial advice.

Her one-liners and zingers are gold! 

COMEDIAN, TOO. 'May plastic talaga ‘tong pusit na ito eh. Marami niyan sa showbiz,' she says as she preps the squid. Screenshot from the Judy Ann's Kitchen Youtube page

Judy Ann’s Kitchen is a gold mine for yummy recipes…and funny one-liners that’ll have you laughing out loud. The best part is that you never see them coming. Are we sure she’s a dramatic actress and not a comedian?

Her love affair with butter/patis/bagoong balayan is well-documented. 

BUTTER...BUTTER...BUTTER. Why scrimp? Screenshot from the Judy Ann's Kitchen Youtube page

Although her kitchen is stocked with healthy ingredients that she uses on the regular like Himalayan pink salt, skinny seasoning, and coconut oil, she’s not averse to using “sinful” ingredients like butter, patis, and bagoong balayan.

And she uses them LI-BE-RAL-LY. 

Her taste testers—aka her kids—are adorbs! 

LUNA. Judy Ann's youngest daughter sometimes inadvertently steals the show. Screenshot from the Judy Ann's Kitchen Youtube page

Because she cooks in her own home, her kids are always around to make a cameo. Her eldest sometimes helps her in the kitchen, her son pops up every now and then, and her youngest often walks in while she’s cooking to taste the food or get her Yakult fix. 

She’s always genuinely surprised when her recipes work out. 

NAILED IT! If you're wondering, that's Judy Ann walking away because she totally nailed the inihaw na baboy. Screenshot from the Judy Ann's Kitchen Youtube page

We love how much she herself enjoys the dishes. There’s shock, happiness, and sometimes even tears of joy! After all, what’s a Judy Ann show without tears?

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