6 things to try at Wasabi Warriors, where a robot preps your sushi

Tiffany Jillian Go
6 things to try at Wasabi Warriors, where a robot preps your sushi
Do you want white, brown, or black rice in your sushi?

MANILA, Philippines –  At new sushi spot Wasabi Warriors, your food is prepped by a Sushi Robot. The restaurant, which originated from Australia, is located at the Gramercy Residences, to open March 10. 

DOMO ARIGATO, MR. (SUSHI) ROBOTO. Photo courtesy of Wasabi Warriors

How does the robot work? A rice mixer blends the rice, and the “Sushi Robot” makes the sushi exactly the same way, every time. The robot can apparently make around 500 rolls per hour. 

Rappler recently got to try some of the dishes. It’s also worth noting that the sushi rolls are also available with white rice, brown rice, and black rice options. 

Here are a few things you may want to try:

Crab Nigiri*, Ebi Fry (P150)

CRAB NIGIRI AND EBI FRY. Photo by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler

*Price available upon request due to the seasonal nature of this dish

The Warrior Rolls (price range = P100-P150)

GRAB AND GO. Photo by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler
BLACK RICE, WHITE RICE, BROWN RICE. Photos by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler
GO HEALTHY. Photos by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler

The Warrior Rolls, as seen here, usually come in longer grab-and-go rolls, similar to the temaki or the longer, hand-rolled sushi in Japanese restaurants. The Warrior Rolls come with the usual components like the regular tuna, salmon, chicken, and tempura, but mixed in with avocado and mayo. The Warrior Rolls are perfect for a quick lunch or a party pack.

Inari Rolls (Inari Roll = P50, Inari Seaweed = P60)

INARI ROLLS. Photo by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler
INARI ROLLS. Photo by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler
You can have the roll in plain seaweed or with shiitake mushrooms.

Seared Salmon Nigiri Rolls (1 pc = P100, 3 for P250, 6 for P400)

Photos by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler

Photo by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler

Photos by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler

This is salmon sushi in all its glorious blowtorched goodness.  

Gyoza (3 pieces = P80, 6 pieces = P150)

GYOZA. Photo by Tiffany Jillian Go/Rappler

Although the core menu of the restaurant is made of sushi items, you can also get the pork gyoza if you want more variety.

The restaurant also offers Warrior Packs, where you can order a themed sushi party pack to suit your taste buds. Unlike the Warrior Rolls, the packs have the sushi pre-sliced into traditional sushi rolls for easier packaging, plus include some Warrior Bites and Nigiri Rolls. They offer the following:

  • Chicken Warrior Pack (P350): All sushi with chicken.
  • Ocean Warrior Pack (P350): Seafood-themed.
  • Veggie Warrior Pack (P350): If you’re looking for a much healthier pick, this is the pack for you. 
  • Mixed Warrior Pack (P350): The restaurant gives you an option to mix and match the different packs, so you can get a little bit of everything.
  • Sashimi Pack (P300): If you want to skip the rice altogether, you can have the traditional sashimi instead.
  • Little Warrior Pack (P150): If the regular packs are just too big, maybe have this smaller option instead.

The restaurant is also environment-friendly, using biodegradable and recyclable materials, according to Kimmi Siu Dewar, business development manager. “So it all goes back to our principle sushi with a green heart.’ So all the materials we try to use are sustainable.”

Aside from the green principle, the company also participates in philanthropic projects and charity donations. Some leftover food items from the day are given away as donations. The fish, which spoils more easily, is put into compost.

Wasabi Warriors is set for a grand opening in March at the Gramercy Residences, Century City, Kalayaan Avenue in Makati. Visit their website at wasabiwarriors.com.ph for more details. – Rappler.com

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