Get Felicia's pastries from Bacolod delivered to Metro Manila

Missing Bacolod's famed pastries and sweets? Even if you're in Metro Manila, there's still a way to enjoy them, thanks to local delicacy distributor The Commissariat Manila.

The Commissariat started during the pandemic, founded by a Visayas-born brother and sister whose goal was to deliver well-loved, curated regional goods to Metro Manila customers stuck at home. Tapping Bacolod first – a city known for its high-quality treats – was their priority.

Currently, The Commissariat sells several of Felicia's Pastry Shop's best-sellers. The Negrense hometown kitchen was founded in the 1970s by sisters Sony Lacson Cometa, Fely Lacson Montelibano, and Margie Lacson Macasa.

Among the handmade, freshly-baked pastries The Commissariat can deliver are Felicia's huge melt-in-your-mouth ensaimadas – soft, light, sweet, and a tad savory – and airy, addictive cheese rolls filled with a chunk of cheese; both worth the wait!

A box of 6 ensaimadas costs P1,215 and a dozen costs P2,430. A box of 16 cheese rolls costs P1,420.

Felicia's thin cookies are light and crisp, perfect with hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. They're stored in tin cans for maximum freshness. The flavors include lemon thins (P355), oatmeal thins (P365), almond crisps (P415), and chocolate almond thins (P385).

They also have chocolate-covered almonds called almondettes (P400), crunchy turon de pili (P250), a ball-sized, marzipan-like version called pili crumble (P620), and fruit cake (P850), too.

Felicia's cakes are also available in round tin cans, ranging from P975 to P995 – there's sans rival, Swiss chocolate, potato, and chocolate.

The Commissariat delivers Felicia's premium pastries baked fresh from Bacolod to Metro Manila by air freight. Their delivery schedule is every two weeks.

The cut-off for orders is 7 pm daily. If Felicia's delivery date is on March 30, pre-orders must be completed by the 27th.

The Commissariat's pickup points are in Makati City and Sampaloc, Manila. They can also deliver outside Metro Manila, but special delivery rates apply.

To order, you can visit The Commissariat's website. –

Steph Arnaldo

If she’s not writing about food, she’s probably thinking about it. From advertising copywriter to freelance feature writer, Steph Arnaldo finally turned her part-time passion into a full-time career. She’s written about food, lifestyle, and wellness for Rappler since 2018.