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Beat the heat! Fruitas now has cold-pressed juices
Beat the heat! Fruitas now has cold-pressed juices

Photo courtesy of Fruitas

Fruitas isn't just about shakes and buko juice – the brand now has 100% fruit and veggie juices in on-the-go bottles

MANILA, Philippines – Resident fruit shake and buko juice stand Fruitas has upped its thirst-quenching, healthy game with the release of the Fruitas Pure cold-pressed juices line, available in five flavors!

The made-to-order, cold-pressed, refreshing juices made of 100% fruits and vegetables are pure, raw, and all-natural, made with no added sugars or preservatives, hence the short shelf-life but real, fresh, and sweet taste. You’ll really feel the fruit bits in every pulpy juice bottle.

The five flavors, which are named after their intended health benefits, include the tangy-sweet Beauty Boost for healthy and glowing skin, made with orange, apple, cucumber, and banana; The Cleanser with a antioxidant-rich blend of apple, celery, and cucumber; and The Energizer for a quick energy and stamina boost, made of apple, orange, watermelon, and banana.

Photo courtesy of Fruitas

There’s also the Immunity Booster, made from vitamin-rich fruits like apples, carrots, and oranges; and the diabetic-friendly and detoxifying Rainforest, which is a mix of apple, cucumber, green bell pepper, ampalaya, and celery. Just a note: The Rainforest flavor is the most potent of them all, as the bitter taste of ampalaya and peppery bell pepper are very prominent here. The taste of banana is also very strong in flavors with banana in them.

Each flavor costs P160 each.

Cold-pressed juices maintain their original loaded combination of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins, contrary to ordinary, store-bought, pre-packed juices that lose a lot of their health benefits due to the intense heat of standard, mass production processes.

Fruitas’ new Fruitas Pure line is available for pre-order through Babots’ Mart website. The Fruitas Pure Starter Set bundle is also up for grabs. – Steph Arnaldo and Juno Reyes/

Juno Reyes is a Rappler intern.

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