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That’s hot! Introducing Hotbox, the self-heating food box for truly hot deliveries
That’s hot! Introducing Hotbox, the self-heating food box for truly hot deliveries

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No more cold food! Get a fresh, piping hot meal anytime and anywhere through self-heating technology.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Eating a cold meal delivered to your house or bought via takeout is never a good experience. Even if you microwave it, it just isn’t the same as a piping hot, freshly-made meal. However, local brand Hotbox Philippines is here to address this common concern with their self-heating, portable food box innovation, made by and for Filipinos!

The time it takes to deliver meals from food establishments to a customer’s doorstep often changes the texture and flavors of the food. Hotbox seeks to change the foodie game with their portable “steam technology” that allows steam to heat packaged meals anytime, anywhere – perfect for customers too busy to cook and always on the go.

The Hotbox comes in three sizes: The Benta Box (P85-P170) is designed for solo meals with several viands to choose from; the Platter Box (P255-P1,375) is perfect for catering and bulk food orders; and the Premium Box (P8-P750), which has a heating kit and food tray, functions as a portable lunch box for meetings, events, and outdoor use.

How does it work? Pull, heat, and eat! When your Hotbox arrives, all you have to do is simply pull the string out of the box, which opens the automatic steaming bag inside and starts the internal heating process of the food. Steam will come out of the box in a minute, and then after 10-12 minutes of heating (or until it is hot to your satisfaction), you can finally enjoy your hot meal.

You can enjoy a hot meal not just at home, but at the office, outdoors, or even in your vehicle – reheating doesn’t need any batteries or electricity, and time isn’t an issue, either. It can take up to 30 minutes at over 80° celsius. Plus, the box is made of 88.5% partly-recycled materials.

Hotbox offers both local and international cuisine choices on its website, such as pizza, beef caldereta, beef steak, beef curry, chicken inasal, pork humba, pork sisig, pork binagoongan, pork dinuguan, sweet & sour fish, tausi fish, laing, linguini carbonara, and spaghetti with beef sauce.

There’s also pancit malabon, pork adobo, chicken barbecue, bangus spring roll, chop suey, pork menudo, dimsum, embutido, different silogs, beef tapa, pork menudo, pork siomai, salt and pepper pork chop, burger steak, picadillo, bopis, garlic chiken, tofu sisig, and tokwa’t baboy.

You can also order boxes without food to use with your own meals, if you own your own food business. Hotbox also makes customized boxes for meetings or special occasions. For orders, check out their online menu here. – Steph Arnaldo and Euna Regaspi/

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Euna Regaspi is a Rappler intern.