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[Kitchen 143] Top of the morning: 3 ways to make breakfast a little egg-stra!

Michelle Aventajado
[Kitchen 143] Top of the morning: 3 ways to make breakfast a little egg-stra!
Oat brûlée? Turkish eggs? We can't wait to wake up the next day!

Breakfast “is a meal that must be taken seriously.” Kickstarting your day with a balanced meal sets the tone for the day. Leisure Sunday brunches leaves room to relax, enjoy pleasant conversation, and relish in the slower meals that allow for rest. Grabbing an oatmeal energy ball while heading into the office throws your day into high gear, where productivity can thrive and you are not hindered by the carb coma that often ensues after a huge meal of pancakes, maple syrup, and bacon.

Here are three ways to level up your brekkie that can be done with just a little extra time, if some of your ingredients are prepped ahead of time.

Bread or rice
SOURDOUGH. Delicious sourdough bread is served toasted with butter. Perfect combination for making your eggs-tra. Photo by Michelle Aventajado.

Breakfast in our household usually consists of some type of bread or eggs. With the plethora of choices from local bakeries in BGC, and the proliferation of home bakers selling their carbohydrate-rich treats on Instagram, we don’t have to look far for us to feel satiated in our desire and quest for delicious bread of all kinds.

Check out: Wildflour Sourdough or Lartizan Ciabatta

YOLKS. Nutrient-rich eggs usually have darker, more orange yolks. Check out The Egg Fairy for delicious and nutritious eggs delivered weekly. Photo by Michelle Aventajado.

In many countries, eggs are the most popular breakfast component on any table. Being a good source of protein means that they are great to eat in the morning and even as a snack. Looking for eggs that come from free range hens, with deep orange yolks, can also mean a bit of a bigger boost in nutrition.

Look for: The Egg Fairy

Dairy vs Non-dairy

With so many vegan and plant-based options for yogurt and milk, now it is easier to give our families more options when serving the meal that starts everyone’s day. Here in Manila, you don’t even have to go to the specialty stores for some of these products because they are becoming more and more mainstream.

Here are three different options for leveling up your breakfast:

Crème brûlée your oats
FIRE IT UP. Oat brûlée is a thing. A thing that is not so hard to make! Photo by Michelle Aventajado.

This dish may take a little bit of time to make the day before, but it’s so worth the effort when you feel like you are eating dessert for breakfast! I have seen a couple of different ways this breakfast dessert can be made, but many include making this option without the actual cream. Using easy-to-make oat cream at home provides for a plant-based brekkie for the win. It’s even better with caramelized sugar and fruit.

Oat Brûlée


1 c oat cream
1 c oat milk
¼ c coco sugar
pinch of ground turmeric
couple drops of vanilla
pinch of salt
¼ c oats

Mix everything together and and cook oats.

Once oats are fully cooked, blend till smooth.

Chill in ramekins overnight.

Top and torch with sugar when ready to serve.

Who doesn’t love a great mash-up? Fusing these two components for a better breakfast allows us all to think happy thoughts once we break through that caramel crust! 

Purchase your kitchen torch at Crate & Barrel or Gourdo’s.

Turkish eggs

This new-to-me breakfast is a staple on the feed of one of my favorite breakfast people’s social media platforms. Finding yogurt and eggs together was revolutionary, and of course, because 80 Breakfasts is one of my favorite sources of all things good food for morning adventures; she does it so well.

Starting with a thick Greek yogurt is key for this delicious dish. Poaching farm fresh eggs and toasting crusty bread ties this savory take on yogurt all together. Taking this dish to a place where you can offer a vegan alternative might be challenging, but if you wanted to swap out Madzoon’s yogurt for something plant-based, you can turn to the alternative of coconut yogurt which is just as satisfying and delicious.

Order your yogurt from: Madzoon or Thrive & Co

Coffee and tea
ICY. Adding a tea latte to your brekkie certainly is a level up. If drinking espresso, you can check out this Dirty Horchata too! Photo by Michelle Aventajado.

Jumping into the day with a caffeine fix sets the tone and pace of your day, no matter whether your source comes from beans or leaves. At any rate, adding a little bit of spice to your coffee or milk to your tea can boost the seemingly mundane to magnificent. Just adding a touch of cinnamon to your drip coffee basket upgrades your daily cuppa joe while layering your tea with a plant-based milk offers “small café on the corner” feels.

If breakfast or brunch is your most favorite meal of the day, the possibilities are endless. Not sure there is anything better than quiet time, watching the sunrise, and a brekkie made with love. –

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Michelle Aventajado

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