These Italian doughnuts are stuffed with Nutella filling

In Italy, doughnuts are called "bomboloni" – soft, sugar-coated, fried dough stuffed with a variety of custards, creams, or jams, typically enjoyed as a midday snack or for dessert. They don't have holes in the middle, like American doughnuts do, and have a lighter, chewier bite to them.

For your local fix of bombolonis, check out home bakery Sugar Fix MNL, where hazelnut bombolonis are the star of their baking show.

Sugar Fix's bombolonis are a bit smaller than your average store-bought doughnut, but that's fine – the soft dough and generous filling are enough to compensate.

Their silky, hazelnut custard is made from Nutella, but somehow tastes less sweet but just as nutty. When warmed, watch that filling ooze out – almost every bite guarantees that distinct taste of chocolate and hazelnut.

The dough is light, chewy, but also filling, encrusted with granulated white sugar to give it a slight, sweet crunch. Even though the bomboloni is fried, there's no greasy aftertaste or feel to the pastry.

Perhaps the only disadvantage to the bomboloni's smaller size is that you'll be grabbing more than one (or two, or three) of this sweet dessert!

Half a dozen of these costs P240, while a dozen costs P460.

Sugar Fix serves freshly-baked batches every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from their BF Homes, Paranaque hub. To order, you can just message their Instagram page. –

Steph Arnaldo

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