Psychoneurology: The self-love solution?

Monica Gamboa

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Psychoneurology: The self-love solution?
What's psychoneurology all about?

The cycle is hard to ignore – long hours slaving away at soul-sucking jobs, feeling weak and overworked while seeking nourishment from a vitamin-deficient food supply, and unwinding through envy-generating social media.

One begins to understand how we find ourselves in a constant state of feeling depleted and demoralized. The challenge is not so much in identifying what the issue is, but in figuring out how to break the cycle.

Dr. Lia Bernardo offers this solution in the form of the latest breakthrough in emotional and mental wellbeing – Psychoneurology.

In this new approach towards creating a state of wellbeing, each individual is viewed as already perfect and whole, but requires guidance to thrive through self-love and self-acceptance.

“I use modern therapy techniques combined with ancient healing arts. I focus on how each patient thinks, and help redirect the thought patterns of the individual for them to focus on joy and happiness, as opposed to victimization and negativity,” explains Dr. Bernardo.

The power of thoughts

There is a phenomenon called the Placebo Effect. This phenomenon describes improved condition a person experiences resulting from taking a form of mock remedies. You take the placebo and voila, you get better instantly, only to later realize that you’ve been given a sugar pill. Turns out, what healed you was not the pill, but the belief that you were going to be healed.

The opposite, the Nocebo Effect, is also true. According to developmental biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, negative thinking is equally as powerful and works in the opposite direction. Positive thinking can heal you from an illness whereas negative thinking can actually make you sick.

This is where Psychoneurology comes into the picture. When people are running a pattern of despair and sadness, the holistic approach in mind, body, and spirit is what is needed and not pharmaceutical medication. Psychoneurology focuses on diet, movement, new learnings, insights, and the ability to direct one’s emotions and thought patterns.

The result? Empowered individuals who live their lives from their purest and limitless selves.

“It works so quickly and effectively that changes in one’s perspective and life can be seen immediately after the first session,” Bernardo said. Additionally, one need not be suffering from sadness in order to benefit from it – Psychoneurology tops up one’s happiness quotient.

Training the subconscious mind

What makes Dr. Bernardo’s solutions a cut above the rest is that they are transformational – they focus on the solution, not the problem, which often goes beyond awareness. The behavioral changes are permanent because they work on changing limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind.

What is the subconscious mind? This is the habit mind that has a program while the conscious mind is the creative mind that is connected to your wishes and desires. These two minds learn differently. The conscious mind learns by reading a self-help book, going to a lecture, watching a video, or reading an article. It goes, “Ah I have an idea, now I can change my mind.”

The subconscious mind on the other hand, does not change as quickly. Dr. Bernardo taps into the mind that is resistant and hesitant to change and helps create neuro-pathways, allowing you to start making different choices and living a thriving life.

What is the solution to happiness? “True happiness is your ability to be in your own presence; to take accountability for your own state of being,” Bernardo stresses.

With the instability of our political climate and the rapid changes in the economy, Psychoneurology can perhaps help change the Filipino mindset – helping us realize that we are the creators of our own reality and must be the change we want to see in this society. – 


Dr. Bernardo holds clinic at The Sunshine Place Senior Recreation Center in Makati. She also facilitates workshops on a number of topics like Forgiveness, Empath 101, and Raising Frequencies. Learn more about here in or email at

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