Delivered diets: Weight loss tool, wellness alternative

Carol RH Malasig

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Paying for someone to prepare healthy food for your diet can be convenient. But is it worth it?

PACKAGED HEALTH. Eat it at home or take it to go.

MANILA, Philippines – The age of being fit has finally come upon us. These days, being health-conscious is in. It seems that running, eating healthy, and even going green are not just fads anymore – these activities are becoming more of a lifestyle.

Along with the popularity of fitness came businesses that cater especially to the weight- and health-conscious. Specialty groceries offering organic food, healthy-eating restaurants, more fitness supply stores, and even diet delivery services have started popping up everywhere. 

Food on your doorstep

Going on a diet is never easy. Counting calories per meal can actually take a lot of effort. However, these days, there are people who make a living out of providing meals that promise to help you lose weight by lowering your calorie-intake. (READ: 5 ways to lose holiday weight)

Almost all of these diet delivery services offer food sticking to a strict calorie count. Some even follow famous diet programs like the Atkins or South Beach diets. Those thinking of going on a juice cleanse both for weight loss and wellness reasons don’t even have to juice their own fruits. These days, those opting for a healthier food and drink experience only need to fill out order forms on the Internet or pick up the phone.  

We rounded up some famous “delivered diet” services in the Metro to see what they have to offer consumers.

1. Diet Diva

  • 1200-calorie daily diet
  • Meals are prepared by a Nutritionist-Dietitian who prepares the weekly meal plan
  • Clients are guaranteed to lose 2-6 lbs in just 5 days
  • A sample meal plan for a day includes: Wheat ensaymada and hot chocolate for breakfast, beef caserole and red mountain rice for lunch, chicken adobo flakes with hard-boiled egg and brown rice for dinner, and vegetable crackers for snack
  • The program costs P1900 for 5 consecutive days, delivery charge included

2. Delicioso

  • Specializes in low-carb meals
  • 14-day South Beach diet plan
  • Caters 
  • Also delivers ala-carte meals
  • Price range per dish is between P100-300 

3. The Sexy Chef 

  • Offers different varieties of diet plans – South Beach, 1,200-calorie, 1,400-calorie, Fat-Fighting, HCG, Anti-Plateau diet, and Eat-Clean Detox Plan
  • The Sexy Chef offers their 2-week South Beach diet planned meals at P975.00 per day. Some of their diet plans go over P1000 per day.
  • They also cater and offer 350-calorie meals at P190/meal

4. Juju Eats

  • A focus on salads
  • Offers easy-to-understand information on what’s in your meal
  • The option to create your own salad
  • Price range is between P185-P410 per dish
  • Delivery is for a minimum of P300 with a 10% delivery charge

Aside from delivered diet food, juice cleanses (or juice fasting) have also taken the healthy market. Promising to help customers detox and give their digestive system a break while cleaning it out, juice cleanses are also considered by some as an extreme diet. A cleanse can last for 1-3 days or longer. To undergo a juice cleanse means you will have to abstain from food and be dependent on natural vegetable and fruit juices to give you nutrients for a specific period.

1. Juju Cleanse

  • A 1-day cleanse will cost you P2,500 while 3-day cleanses are at P7,100. A 5-day cleanse costs P11,700
  • No meals. You will have to stick to just the juices they provide for the cleansing period you prefer
  • Juices are made from a variety of fresh, organic ingredients

2. The Juice Barista 

  • Natural juices and smoothies made from 100% raw fruits and vegetables
  • Sold in separates – as low as P98 and as high as P368 per bottle
  • Delivery is free for purchases over P800

Some who have tried delivered diets swear by its effectiveness while some say that not feeling full is a problem, prompting the purchase of more (often unhealthy) food to compensate.

Juice cleanses are said to have the power to give your digestive system a break from all the work it does digesting unhealthy food everyday. People who are more used to high-calorie intake might find delivered diets with controlled calorie-counts and small portions weakening and sticking to it may actually be hard.

Did you ever try a juice cleanse or a delivered diet? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below. –

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