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Sore no more! 7 lozenges, syrups, and sprays to soothe your throat
Sore no more! 7 lozenges, syrups, and sprays to soothe your throat

Sanlo Salabat, Betadine, Tolak Angin, Ming's Pei Pa Koa

From soothing syrups to cooling candies, these remedies will bring you real relief

MANILA, Philippines – There’s nothing quite as annoying as a sore or itchy throat. Even at its mildest, it can be incredibly frustrating to feel that discomfort throughout the day.

It may not feel like it when you’re ehem-ing or wincing every other minute, but a painful throat isn’t something you have to sit and suffer through. There are many supplements and over-the-counter treatments that are within easy reach. 

Here are our favorite remedies to help scratch this particularly hard-to-reach itch:

Sanlo Salabat

Good old ginger tea is your lola’s favorite remedy for coughs, colds, and other respiratory afflictions, and for good reason. The subtle spice of the ginger gets a heat boost from the warmth of the tea, quickly soothing irritations. You can prepare salabat the old school way by boiling ginger root in water, or opt for the instant version by Sanlo Salabat. They also have turmeric, honey, malunggay, and oregano variations if you so desire.

Bactidol Extra Soothing Lozenges

Bactidol is a tried and tested name in oral hygiene, so these lozenges are serious antiseptics – which you’d never guess, because they have a yummy honey lemon flavor and no medicinal aftertaste, just like candy. 

Ming’s Pei Pa Koa Candy

A concerned tita has probably handed you a piece of this candy at least once in your life. This cough drop is made of loquat, honey, menthol, and a bunch of other herbs with both soothing and antibacterial properties. It traditionally comes in syrup form, but the candy version is especially convenient.

Tolak Angin

This herbal supplement has long been used in Indonesia as a cough and cold remedy. Its “secret recipe” of ginger, mint, fennel, cumin, cloves works wonders.

Lola Remedios

Similar to Tolak Angin, this is another syrup you can drink straight out of the sachet. Its combination of ginger, fennel, mint, clove, and honey is sweeter and milder than its Indonesian counterpart, but still cooling enough to calm that tickle in your throat. 

Betadine Throat Spray

Betadine is a trusted antiseptic for open wounds, and as a throat spray, it helps kill the germs that are causing the infection.

Fisherman’s Friend

Another purse staple, these lozenges are often the first line of defense when you feel those early throat prickles. The original flavor packs a punch with both eucalyptus and menthol giving you a double cooling effect, but there are also milder, more candy-like flavors like mint, spearmint, cherry, and lemon. 

What’s your favorite balm for a sore or itchy throat? Sound off in the comments if we missed it! –

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