The woman behind the athlete

Georgia Schulze Del Rosario

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The woman behind the athlete
Georgia Schulze Del Rosario weighs in on what it's like to be in a relationship with an athlete – what are the ups and downs? Read more

Before you delve into this piece, know that it is not one about the woes of being the figure in the background, the girl having to snap the photos of fans clutching her man in infatuated bliss.

No, this is about being the woman behind the athlete. Any athlete. Not just those recognized by the public, glorified for the belts they’ve brought home or championships they have won.

Let me begin by saying that I think ALL women should at some point be with an individual who pushes their body to the limit in order to achieve a specific goal. This type of relationship evokes feelings that are indescribable in many varying ways that it is impossible not to learn and grow from it, whether you end up with the person or walk away.

In my case, I have spent the last 12 years of my life with a footballer. I have watched him break, snap, crack, fracture, tear and rip more times than I can count. Hours spent outside an E.R. or alone in a cold, sanitized room patiently awaiting news from a surgeon.

I have seen him cry over silly things like his team winning a world cup championship or difficult realities such as a stolen chance at a victory over a missed goal.

I have sat through matches clutching at my seat, silently cursing a referee for an unjust call or screamed to the top of my lungs at a scored goal. I have seen brawls materialize right before my eyes and brotherhoods be put to the test.

You may wonder why I would encourage this type of anxiety. Well there are a few reasons why it is such a fascinating partnership, one that can really change your views, or just maybe, your ‘type.’


How can one see the person they love succeed and not appreciate what they are achieving? It is one of the most beautiful experiences this relationship will bring to your life as the supportive partner. I can honestly say that after over a decade, I am filled with the same immense source of pride when my husband steps on the pitch today as I did when we started seriously seeing each other. Though I admit that it may have started as a strong attraction, it didn’t take long for me to truly fall in love with that man on the field because of my complete respect for him.


Love is great and definitely necessary for a long-term partnership but where is the fun in a relationship without attraction? I am not saying that athletes are the only interesting men around, but really, let’s be serious… How appealing is an athletic man? There is something so sexy about seeing that body being used to its full potential. Pink faced and sweaty or in my case, even muddy, is the biggest turn on, no aphrodisiacs necessary.

My husband can do no wrong when he is on the field… Heck he could do no wrong when he’s simply dressed for soccer practice. He could take me anywhere, anytime, any way he wants.

Many studies show that athletes make the best lovers because they are so in touch with their body. Asides from being more agile and more flexible which helps the physical state, it also positively impacts the mental and emotional side to a man by improving his body image and self confidence, which is necessary for men to perform.

It doesn’t only allow them to perform, but it allows them to perform well, which many women can agree makes ALL the difference.


Another important factor to a relationship is friendship. Whether you started off as friends or it is built over the course of your relationship, being with an athlete helps add strength to the friendship aspect of your relationship.

To be that dedicated to a sport, one must have a good sense of commitment. They also understand the concept of ‘teamwork’ better than the next guy (especially those that play in team sports). They are usually competitive, and though that can be perceived as a negative trait, they also have had to lose many, many times which instills in them the concept of good sportsmanship. These are qualities you want your partner to possess.

And if the love is really there, he will make you his ultimate partner in every aspect of his life and that truly evokes security in an individual. Again, this is such an important element that takes a relationship from good to great. 


To an outsider, it may seem like we live in this bubble of perfection. The man living out a dream, which happens to be a job that secures his utmost physically fit physique, can’t be a bad thing. And many times, we do get carried away with this delusional sense of truth. The problem with a bubble is that it can very easily pop and bring you right back down to reality.

If we let what is shallow in a relationship (such as the images we portray to outsiders) matter, then we begin to let it validate us and that kind of gratification can never last.

This type of relationship comes with super high highs and extremely low lows. But if you can get through the triviality that surrounds you, whether negative or positive, and learn to focus on what is real, then you will probably outlast many.  That in itself will strengthen your bond. This teaches you not just about your partner, but about yourself as well.

In the end, I can list down many reasons to date, marry, dump, be with, or not be with an athlete. As I have mentioned earlier, it is the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

I have seen it bring out the worst sides to us through his sometimes immeasurable amounts of stress… but I have also seen him thrive.

I’ve seen him run and felt my heart burst with passion. I’ve seen him win. I’ve seen him lose. I have seen him live, and with that, I too have lived – not in his shadow, not in the sidelines, but right there with him, and I am grateful to have had this opportunity everyday. –

Georgia Schulze – Del Rosario has enjoyed writing non-fiction pieces since her early grade school days. From being her high school year book’s editor-in-chief to now the managing editor of a lifestyle magazine, she feels blessed to be working day to day with what truly inspires her: words. Her other passion is food, being an avid cook and a baker, and she marries her love for both in her blog, She is married to former Azkal Armand Del Rosario, who plays for the Loyola Meralco Sparks



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