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Sex and Sensibilities: What are love scams?
Sex and Sensibilities: What are love scams?
What do you do when people you meet on dating apps start asking you for money?

You match on a dating app. You get to know each other. You fall in love. Then the person starts to ask you for money.

Since the pandemic, more people have been turning to dating apps to meet other people to date.

But as we know, not all people we meet online can be trusted. With the rise of dating app users, love scams are on the uptick.

Victims of love scams say they were duped into shelling out hundreds of thousands of pesos for love. Needless to say, they end up getting their hearts broken. Some are cajoled into sharing sensitive photos that are used to blackmail them.

In this episode of Sex and Sensibilities, Rappler’s sex and gender columnist Ana P. Santos explains love scams and enumerates some of the modi operandi of these scammers. –

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