Brunch goes feminine in this menu inspired by Vania Romoff’s designs

Isabel Salvosa
Brunch goes feminine in this menu inspired by Vania Romoff’s designs

Rob Reyes

Can’t pick what we want more — the dresses or the food!

MANILA, Philippines — What’s better than the marriage of fashion and food?

Taste by Design is a series of special menus created by Bizu Catering Studio, each inspired by the latest collections from local haute couture designers.

Bizu Catering Studio x Vania Romoff, launched last June 28, takes after the designer’s signature aesthetic.

In true Vania fashion, this year’s VR bridal collection featured feminine silhouettes in lace, satin, tulle, and chiffon. The dresses are embellished with pearls, floral appliques and embroidery, ruffles, belts, and of course, bows.

Her creative process is largely inspired by the bride’s personality, rather than trends — “just a bride being herself and not trying to outshine everyone else!”

Vania’s pick looks like a classic choice with its Sabrina neckline and full skirt, but it’s actually backless, topped with a dainty bow.

But this exquisite macrame lace mini-dress holds a special place in her heart. “It was made out of my own wedding dress. We had an extra few yards, so we made it into this. It’s a beautiful and non-traditional.”


For this understatedly fashionable bride, Audrey Tanco-Uy, general manager of Bizu Catering Studios, chose champagne brunch as the theme.


Watermelon, zucchini, and feta with goji berries


Pea panna cotta with mango jelly and crab salad

Scallop ceviche in red radish cup

Smoked trout on wasabi bun with carrot roulade

Mini eggs benedict with jamon serrano and parmesan wafer

Double cheesecake with fresh blueberries and strawberries

Champagne mimosa jelly with fresh strawberries


They’re all bite-sized, but Audrey assures that each mouthful is special.

“The food we’re bringing out is all fresh takes on flavor. I wanted people to not taste the usual food when they go to weddings, and open their taste buds to new experiences,” she says. —

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