Beauty, fashion tips from Pinay ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ bets

Carol RH Malasig
Two Filipinas vying for the title of Asia's Next Top model share their tips to look and feel your best

TOP MODELS. Filipinas Katarina and Jodilly are set to take Asia by storm as they compete to become Asia's Next Top Model. All photos by Carol Ramoran/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines –  Most young girls often dream of someday becoming a model. Jodilly Pendre and Katarina Rodriguez knew from a young age that they wanted to try to make it in the industry. Now, they’re given a chance to take their looks and modeling skills global as they embark on a journey towards becoming Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM) for the show’s second cycle. 

During the first season, Filipina representative Stephanie Retuya was awarded first runner up, coming in second to Thailand’s Jessica Amornkuldilok. 

Fans of the show are excited for this cycle. Could having two Filipinas on the show double the Philippines’ chances of winning this time?

Jodilly and Katarina couldn’t be more different. Tall and morena Jodilly, pursued modeling not just for fun, but for her to be able to support her education as well after her father died. Her looks and height proved to be an advantage as she navigated the industry. She is also her family’s breadwinner, helping her mom with their expenses. Though a professional model already before entering the show, Jodilly admits to being more simple when it comes to her clothes and makeup. But after being exposed to so many personalities, she learned that the way she presents herself even off-cam, is important.

Katarina, meanwhile, is mestiza and spent some of her childhood in the States. She is now living with her grandparents here in Manila while attending college. She admits to having eczema which she is able to control through a healthy lifestyle – she’s a yoga buff and track athlete. Though without professional modeling experience prior to the show, she says that she was able to learn a lot from her fellow models and their mentors.

During a media briefing, Rappler was able to ask both Jodilly and Katarina for some style and grooming tips for everyone, not just models, to consider: 

1. Tame your tresses.

Katarina swears that hair makes a lot of difference. To keep her long locks flowing and shiny, she says she alternates between baby shampoo and regular, adult shampoo.

For us regular folks, unkempt hair will leave a poor impression everywhere. Use a large paddle brush in the morning to tame bed hair. If you don’t like using too much product, spray lightweight hairspray on your brush before running it through your hair – the effect will be more natural. 

2. Make water your best friend.

Jodilly says water therapy helps her keep her figure and hydrates her skin. After all, models are always expected to have nice skin for the cameras. Water also helps you speed up your metabolism and get rid of toxins.

For some flavor, throw in mint leaves or a slice of lime or lemon for an instant pick-me-up.

3. Don’t forget about the nails.

When models have shoots, it’s best to keep nails groomed and polish-free. Katarina says that this a courtesy to the stylist or the designer you will be working with. Not all nail polish colors go with their vision of the model’s look so it’s best to go au naturale when it comes to your nails.

For regular working girls, it’s amazing what a nail buffer can do to improve the appearance of your digits. Keep nails medium-length and clean, and when polish starts to chip off, take it off! 

4. Never go to bed with make up on

We’ve heard this from our mothers and grandmas. Going to bed with makeup on, says Jodilly, can harm your skin. This goes for everyone, no matter your occupation. Take it off and don’t forget to moisturize. 

CONTRASTS. Thought both representing the Philippines, Jodilly and Katarina are actually very different.

5. Eat properly

Models do need to retain their figure, but Katarina says that it’s about being healthy as much as it is about looking good. Don’t skip your salad and cut down on the carbs – keep it balanced. Jodilly adds that it’s also best to eat and sleep on time, admitting that Katarina influenced her a lot during the show to opt for healthier meals. 

6. Exercise

Jodilly is gifted with a modelesque frame (she’s 5’9″!), and she says that she has a gym membership, though she hasn’t used it to date. However, Katarina has been influencing her not only to eat healthy but be more active. Katarina is a track athlete and yogi. Even during the show, she would try to squeeze in a workout every now and then. 

Exercise is great for your body, but it can also lift your mood, improve your skin, and give you a chance to bond with friends – or with yourself. Why not?

7. Dress up for the right reasons

The two models say it’s important to feel comfortable in your outfit, whether it’s worn to a casting or just to the mall. They say that they have similar styles, pairing comfy shirts and shorts with funky sneakers to give their regular outfits extra oomph. For events, they advise going for more sophisticated looks – a black dress that shows your best assets, be it your shapely legs or your small waist.

8. Wardrobe staples

Models have a list of staples they often bring with them when they go to castings, and those items are useful and versatile for any girl, regardless of occupation. Here’s their list of must haves; look familiar? Have these on hand and you can create several outfits just with the same basic items. 

  • Nude and black pumps
  • Nude underwear
  • Jeans
  • Jeggings
  • Shorts
  • Plain white v-neck shirt 
  • Tank tops
  • Black dress 

9. When traveling

During the girls’ time in Malaysia, taping for the show, they had to bring clothes that would last them through all 13 episodes. Both girls agree that if you’re going out of the country, it’s best to keep things simple and versatile.

Katarina swears by different tank tops, which you can mix and match with a few pairs of jeans and shorts. Accessorize with functional items, like scarves, which will liven up your outfit while keeping you warm in a cooler climate.

10. Make up favorites

Katarina says whenever she needs to brighten up her face, all she needs is cream eye liner. Jodilly, meanwhile says her trusty red lipstick never fails to let her go from girly to glam. Find the one beauty staple that immediately boosts your confidence, and keep it nearby whenever you need a boost. 

Watch Katarina and Jodilly compete in AsNTM airing both in Star World and TV5. –

An earlier version of this article saying that Katarina Rodriguez was half-American was corrected as Katarina is actually fully Filipino. We based this information on an earlier press release; organizers of the event later corrected this detail. We apologize for the error.

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