Beach style: Fashion bloggers spill their secrets

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Beach style: Fashion bloggers spill their secrets
Fashion bloggers Lissa Kayahon and David Guison weigh in on how to look great even when you're at the beach

BORACAY, Philippines – Dressing up for the beach can be very easy. Just wear a bikini and make a beeline for the ocean, right? But that shouldn’t be the case if you want to look good and stand out in the huge crowd.

But what if you bump into someone who’s wearing the exact same thing as you? The horror, right?

Rappler caught up with fashion bloggers Lissa Kahayon and David Guison at the Nestea Beach Chill Station here in Boracay and asked for their secrets to looking fab on the beach. 

David Guison

DAVID GUISON. The fashion blogger says to look for a few alternatives to replace the usual beach attire

Fashion blogger at

1. Ditch the flip-flops

David recommends to go for ‘mandals’ or man sandals instead. A striped pair is versatile enough to be worn on the beach during the day then to dinner or a party at night.

2. Bring your usual office wear

No, we’re not pulling your leg. You can actually use your button down shirts for the office in a beach setting. Just roll up your sleeves, leave a couple of the buttons open and pair them with tailored shorts.

3. Don’t forget to work out and protect yourself from the sun

“Like the say, a great body will never run out of style. So I try my best to work out during the day,” says David. 

Don’t forget to lather on some sunblock and wear sunglasses. Sun damage never looks good on anyone, after all. 

For guys who love styling their hair, leave the wax at home and go for sun spray for the hair – it protects your hair from sun damage and lets you style it as well. 

4. Shop wisely

David recommends shopping for beach outfits in shops with limited pieces per style like Farah Vintage or Penguin. That way, there’s a smaller chance that you’ll bump into someone in the same outfit.

5. Go beyond the norm

Neon colors can be a tad intimidating but the summer season is the perfect excuse to wear them.

“It’s [summer], the only time I get to wear neon prints, so I get to show off my tan,” David says. 

Neon orange and blue in particular make an even bigger statement.

Lissa Kahayon

LISSA KAHAYON. For Lissa, preparation is key

Freelance stylist and fashion blogger at

1. Get creative

Lissa believes there’s nothing wrong with buying your clothes in department stores or from popular brands like Forever 21 and Topshop. You just have to learn how to style them in a way that makes them look unique.

“Instead of the usual tank top and shorts, I’ll add a robe so that I give it a bit of my own twist,” she says.

You can also pair your department store pieces with thrift store finds.

2. Pre-style your clothes for the trip

This will help you avoid overpacking and save you some time thinking of which pieces to wear everyday.

3. Buy in advance

Buy your swimsuits months in advance to avoid a huge credit card bill, and lessen the chances of having the same swimsuit as someone else on the island.

Lissa says last-minute shopping raises the likelihood of having people getting the exact same styles from stores.  So she buys months in advance, slowly stocking up on her beach essentials even though it’s not summer yet. 

One more reason to consider buying clothes in advance is they are cheaper when they are not in season.

4. Make a difference with footwear

Don’t just stick to the usual flip-flops. Lissa brings 2 pairs of sandals to change into for dinner or parties during the evening.

5. Add a bit of ‘you’ to the outfit

Having the reason to wear less clothes on the beach doesn’t mean you have to settle with just your bikini. 

Show off your personal style by accessorizing. “My style on the beach is very laid-back. I put a personal twist so i pile on bangles, or wear earrings. Something that will still reflect me,” Lissa says.

6. Balance your outfit

Being on the beach doesn’t mean you have to be too provocative. Experiment with cover-ups that you can wear while walking from your hotel to the beach front or to the restaurants on the island.

If you’re wearing a sexy top, balance it out with bottoms with more coverage. “If I’m wearing a sexy top, I wear high waist skirts or shorts or a maxi skirt,” Lissa says.

7. Care for your skin and hair

Aside from sunblock, Lissa admits that she still applies some light liquid foundation  as she is very particular with her freckles. 

But she makes sure not to wear too much makeup as it might cake after sweating or going into the water. 

Before and after your trip to the beach, make sure you visit the salon for moisturizing and damage treatments to help your hair withstand the heat, and recover after all the  being under harsh sunlight.

How about you? What are your unique beach fashion tips? Let us know in the comments section below.  –

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