How to get Maleficent’s dramatic look for real life

Wyatt Ong
How to get Maleficent’s dramatic look for real life
MAC's Raf Mañosca gives us a simpler way to achieve Maleficent's strong, elegant beauty look

MANILA, Philippines – If you still haven’t seen Maleficent, the movie has continued into its second week and there’s much buzz going on about Angelina’s fantastic turn as the iconic villain. (READ: Maleficent review: Taming the witch, Disney-style)

What else is in the spotlight? Her precise makeup, which highlights both her beauty (sharp features, luminous eyes, those cheekbones!) and is very much part of the storytelling process.

Before she turns into the villain we recognize from the Disney movie, her features are softer, her hairstyle, sweeter. 

As the plot thickens, her makeup deepens to create the face (and the character) we know now. (READ: Maleficent: The characters of the modern Sleeping Beauty)

MAGNIFICENT. Maleficent is terrifying – but beautiful. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

MAC recently launched the Maleficent collection prominently featuring a deep, vixenish shade of red, but if you can’t get your hands on the collection (we hear most of it’s already sold out), don’t fret. Raf Mañosca, MAC senior makeup artist, gives us tips on how to get her look. 

1. Contouring is key. 

CONTOUR. Use an angled brush, a darker powder, and a light hand to achieve the contouring effect. This is MAC blush in 'Harmony.'

In the movie, Angelina Jolie’s character showed very prominent cheekbones that required prosthetics to accomplish. To get this look in real life, while toning down the severity of the look, I recommend using powder that’s just slightly darker that one’s natural color,” says Raf. 

Brush using a number-3 figure shaped movement, starting from the temples, moving beneath the cheekbones, and trace further down the jaw line. Do the same on the other side. 

2. Enhance the natural shape of the eye, add a tinge of drama 

EYES. Use the lighter shadow over the lid, and use the darker shades to add depth. Define with eyeliner and falsies! From left: eyeshadows in Cork, Espresso, Wedge, and Carbon

Angelina’s eye makeup in the movie is really subtle,” observes Raf. “The key to achieving the look is to enhance the natural eye shape with an eyeliner, like Penultimate liner in Rapidblack.

“You can also use false lashes that have lush strands. For the lids, use a lighter shade like Wedge or Cork eyeshadow on the crease, and deepen the colors with darker shades like Espresso and Carbon on the outer corners of the eye.”

3. It’s all in the lips 

LIPS. Use a lip liner under lipstick – color will go on evenly and will last longer. Lip liner in Cherry, lipstick in Russian Red

Raf says that before you even begin to think about the color, make sure that your lips are in good condition. 

“Begin the application by dabbing a primer like Prep+Prime Lip to serve as the base to make the lip color last longer. Then outline the mouth with a lip pencil like this one in Cherry, filling in the whole lip. This will help the finish become bolder and vibrant looking. Lastly, finish the application with a gorgeous shade of red – Russian Red is very popular.” 

Though Maleficent’s look isn’t for every work day, it’s a great option for a night out with friends, a hot date, or even just to give yourself a boost when you aren’t feeling too confident. For all her bad behavior, the lady knows how to make the world fall in love with her – and who wouldn’t want to know the secret to that? –

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