Netizens take on #MakeupTransformation challenge
Netizens take on #MakeupTransformation challenge
See photos of them as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Ryan Reynolds, to name a few

MANILA, Philippines – Netizens have been abuzz with the #MakeupTransformation hashtag the past few days, with men and women taking on the challenge to look like a celebrity and even cartoon characters they like by simply applying make-up and a few accessories – or is that really all it takes?

Step one, a dab of foundation, step 2, a little blush, step 3, powder your nose – then step 4, full-on diva! 

Local personalities are in on it too – even RX 93.1’s Gino Quillamor posted photos of himself putting on makeup to look like Ryan Reynolds and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The results? You be the judge. 

Here are some of the photos:

1. Gino Quillamor

as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


as Ryan Reynolds


2. Guy as Zayn Malik of One Direction



3. Man as Lupita Nyong’o


4. Guy as Beyonce


5.  Guy as Rihanna


6. Guy as Kim Kardashian


7. Guy as Jay-Z



8. Guy as Pharrell Williams



9. Guy as Justin Bieber


10. Guy as Russell from Up


The boys of PaperbugTV (behind Bogart the Explorer) have also taken it upon themselves to undergo this #MakeupTransformation. Bogart as Brad Pitt? Yes, we totally see it (thanks to commenter kokolloyd for the tip!): 

Paperbug’s Jako de Leon has his own version: 

And if you’re a fan of the Bogart vids, you’ll know Den Dumalaog or Tricky Ikki – remember, “But Bogart, I love Bora!” – he’s got his own version, too! 

Here’s a bonus: Erwan Heussaff as Bogart the Explorer!

But its not only the men who are having their fun. The women also took the opportunity to do some transforming themselves.

Here are some photos:


1. Woman as Selena Gomez



2.  Woman as Chris Hemsworth



3.  Woman  as Whoopi Goldberg



4. Woman as Mulan



Any favorite makeup transformations? Let us know below the comments.

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