Find your way to this lifestyle destination in Pampanga

Find your way to this lifestyle destination in Pampanga
Just 2 hours away from Manila, Mimosa+ Leisure City combines modern convenience with a laid-back, homey ambience

MANILA, Philippines – Everyone loves a good staycation. It’s always refreshing to momentarily be rid of your worries and spend some time lounging by the pool, or getting some well-deserved R&R in a posh hotel room just a few kilometers away from where you live.

There are times, however, when one needs a complete change of scenery; to go somewhere away from the metropolis, where surroundings are sprawling green, the air is still fresh and isn’t infused with pollution, and traffic congestion is at least a couple of miles away. Staycations in the city are nice, but being exposed to the same toxic surroundings once you step out of your hotel lobby can drain some of the leisure from the experience.

If you’re looking for a place to take a vacation where you can experience the comforts of modern living sans the hazards of city life, Mimosa+ Leisure City could soon be an option.

Formerly known as the Mimosa Leisure Estate, Mimosa+ Leisure City combines modern convenience with a laid-back, homey ambience. Within the 201-hectare property, you’ll find the Quest Hotel and Conference Center, two world-class luxury Grand Villas, and the 150-hectare Mimosa Golf Course. There’s Mequeni Restaurant for culinary adventures, and Charley’s Bar for post-dinner drinks.

Quest Hotel and Conference Center currently has 303 guestrooms which are undergoing renovation so that they can evoke the same minimalist yet luxurious feel of the Grand Villas. A few of the rooms are already renovated, and renovation should be completed by the end of the year.

It also has its own fitness center, 8 function rooms, and a spacious pool area that was undergoing a facelift at the time of our visit.

Bigger and better amenities

The Mimosa Event Pavilion will soon rise to accommodate bigger events that require maximum seating capacity. It will have meeting rooms, a grand ballroom, a bar terrace, and a garden for outdoor events.

The Grand Villas truly belong in a class of their own. The amenities are a sight to behold; well-deserving of a feature in an architecture and interior design magazine show.

LUXE LIVING. The hotel boasts modern interiors and luxury amenities

The villas were constructed and deemed worthy to accommodate the most distinguished guests during the last ASEAN Summit.

They are completely detached from but within a safe walking distance from the hotel. Each has 3 bedrooms and its own pool and kitchen. Posh furnishings lend a relaxed elegance to the interiors, complementing the family-friendly spaciousness of the villa.

Bedrooms have reading nooks for those who aren’t ready to sink into the crisp linen and soft mattresses yet. Even the bathrooms are exquisite, and look like they’ve come straight out of a luxury bathroom interiors catalogue.

TAKE A SOAK. Bath time is anything but routine with this bathtub in your room.

Formerly a members-only amenity, the Mimosa Golf Course is now open to walk-in patrons looking to make a hole-in-one at the 150-hectare course. Affordable stay and play packages that allow you to stay at Quest Hotel and play at the Mimosa Golf Course are now available.

Getting to the golf course from the hotel shouldn’t be a problem, as a shuttle service is available to transport guests to the course from the hotel, and vice versa.

Business and pleasure combined

Filinvest Land is developing Mimosa not only as a premiere leisure estate, but to accommodate commercial establishments and corporate offices as well.

An office campus to accommodate the country’s booming business processing and call center industry and to encourage local employment in the area is being developed.

Construction of office campus buildings has begun. The first building will be ready for occupancy early this year while 5 others will be constructed over the next 5 years. There will be an outdoor promenade to connect all buildings.

Plans for constructing a lifestyle mall and retail strip are well underway. These should include a wide variety of shopping and dining options in a nature-inspired al fresco environment. It will also be home to a branch of a well-known department store.

The first few retail shops should be open by the first quarter of 2019. Everything should be completed by 2023, says Filinvest’s Assistant Marketing Manager Marla Mendoza.

Keeping it green

New developments on such a wide expanse of unspoiled land might appear as a threat to ecological balance, but Filinvest assures nature conservationists that maintaining an eco-friendly approach to property development has always been part of the company’s ideals.

The inclusion of functional green spaces that encourage outdoor activities such as nature parks, bicycle lanes, and safe and wide pedestrian passages, as well as coexisting with verdant flora and lush greenery, is imperative. The same goes for Mimosa+.

PARK LIFE. Take a walk around the verdant greenery that surrounds the area

“Like other Filinvest properties, an integral part of Filinvest Mimosa+ Leisure City is the nature component. The old Mimosa Leisure Estate has always been a nature sanctuary with the abundance of trees and sprawling patches of greens and we only intend to maintain and enhance this.”

“As a developer, we believe in a well-balanced community that has structure, open space, and nature. We recognize the importance of keeping places green and further nurturing them. The recently opened Acacia Park, a beautiful public park, is just one of the first open parks we intend to put within the city.” 

“As mentioned before, the office campus will have an outdoor promenade which is also another nature space we are intentionally creating to provide employees a place for respite and source of wellness in their everyday corporate life. There will also be bike lanes for bike enthusiasts. We really want to encourage outdoor life by providing beautiful spaces and a safe environment,” said Mendoza in an interview with Rappler.

Filinvest hopes to change the tourism landscape in Central Luzon with the completion of Mimosa+ Leisure City.

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