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Going on vacation with your partner? Here are 10 tips to achieve couple travel goals!

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Going on vacation with your partner? Here are 10 tips to achieve couple travel goals!
From setting up a realistic budget to planning the itinerary together, here are some tried-and-tested travel tips for couples!

Traveling as a couple is often said to make or break a relationship. It’s way different than going on a date, and a much more unique experience compared to when you’re traveling alone, or with friends and family. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finally going on a trip with your partner and checking items off of your bucket list – but before you get overwhelmed, here’s some valuable advice our Rappler readers think you should know.

Plan the trip as a team

Even if one is a more experienced traveler than the other, it’s still best to plan the trip together. Agree on the whens and wheres of the trip, and whether it’s a budget or luxury vacation.

Some couples can also be more comfortable having assigned roles for the trip – one could be in charge of booking the flights, while the other looks for accommodations. Despite these designations though, you should still ask your partner what they think of your suggestions before pushing through with them. 

Be considerate of each other

You’re lucky if you and your partner have the same travel preferences. But if you don’t, make sure to accommodate each other’s travel styles and interests. 

Some would prefer to do rigorous activities on their trips, while others prefer a more laid-back vacation. So, don’t just assume that your partner will be okay with everything that you plan. Make it a point to include activities that you’ll both be happy with and take turns in doing whatever the other wishes to do. 

Talk about finances

Money talk can be a tricky and sensitive topic for most couples, but if you’re planning to go on a vacation together, best to agree on a budget before the trip to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Be honest about your individual budgets and preferred spending habits so that you can manage each other’s expectations for the trip and plan accordingly. Talk to each other about whether one will shoulder specific expenses or you’d rather split all receipts after the trip. 

Remember: you’re a unit

Don’t forget to look out for each other! When one is tired or sleepy or gets dizzy in transit, the other may have to step up and make sure that you’re still sticking to what you’ve planned. Be alert, too, especially with foreign food, and double check that whatever you’re trying doesn’t have anything you or your partner is allergic to. 

Traveling together also gives couples the opportunity to see their partner in situations they’ve never seen them in before. You might be surprised by how your partner deals with the sudden changes in your flight schedule, or how they talk to banking officials when you’re in financial distress during the trip. 

Challenging situations when traveling can test you and your partner’s patience, adaptability, and resolve. So it’s really important, too, to keep your cool at all times and keep each other grounded. If your partner gets panicky and anxious, best to stay rational and collected. 

Leave room for spontaneity

Even if you’re the type to plan things down to a T, brace yourself for unexpected situations. Anticipate that things will not always go as planned, so make sure to keep calm and just find a way to move on from unforeseen circumstances. Remember that one mishap doesn’t necessarily mean that your whole holiday is now ruined. 

Don’t play the blame game

Traveling together is not all sunshine and rainbows – your partner could make a wrong turn during your drive, or you could forget your passport, or a booked guide might not show up, or the carrier could lose your baggage.

While it’s easy to get angry and blame your partner for the mishap, try to resolve things maturely and don’t dwell on it too much. Snapping at your partner, no matter how warranted you think it might be, could lead to more frustration and bring out the worst in both of you. Remember that while there are other things you have no control of, you can completely control your emotions and how you react to situations. 

Do your research

When planning where you want to go, research also on that destination’s culture and practices so that you and your partner can manage your expectations. This will also prepare you in terms of knowing what to do, what to wear, and how to act when you’re in a foreign location. 

Personalize your trip

It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of preparing a trip – especially with the amount of to-do lists and itineraries recommended by friends and circulating online. But remember to prioritize what you and your partner want to do. It’s your trip, not other people’s. Your definition of fun could be different from theirs, so don’t be pressured by how other people have spent their vacations. 

It’s okay to have a ‘you’ time

Just because it’s a couple’s trip doesn’t mean you have to spend every second attached to each other’s hip. Don’t hesitate to do your own thing, especially for longer trips and when you feel like you just need time for yourself. 

This could also work best for couples who have different preferences as this gives each partner time to pursue their own interests during the trip. 

Afterwards, assess what worked and what didn’t

Hooray, you just survived going on a trip with your partner! You might still be busy curating your Instagram feed now, but best to also reflect on what happened on the trip. Were there things you should have done differently? 

Remember that even if you and your partner have found a dynamic that’s worked, this could still change in the future, especially since travel preferences and interests change over the years. 

Are there any travel tips for couples you’d want to recommend? Share them with us in the comments section! –

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