#NotOnMyWatch: Pledge to fight corruption

#NotOnMyWatch: Pledge to fight corruption
Join the movement by using #NotOnMyWatch on social media

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever bribed a government official or employee?

A 2013 survey by the Office of the Ombudsman showed that one in 20 Filipino families admitted giving bribes in transactions with government agencies. The results also showed that poor families seeking basic social services are the most vulnerable.

In another survey by the Social Weather Stations, 32% of Filipino businessmen said that they have personal knowledge of corrupt transactions with the government. More than a third of businessmen also said that most companies in their sector give bribes to win public sector contracts.

Help put an end to bribery and other corrupt practices. Join Rappler’s #NotOnMyWatch movement.

What is #NotOnMyWatch?

#NotOnMyWatch uses the power of technology to create a groundswell against corruption and encourage integrity, competence, and transparency in our society.

Join us by:

  • Spreading the word about the effects of corruption and how it affects you;
  • Pledging to report acts of corruption;
  • Committing to not pay bribes;
  • Volunteering to validate and help provide evidence for filing of cases;
  • Promoting good governance and ethical behavior by reporting good work among government officials and employees.

#NotOnMyWatch promotes accountability and transparency by organizing reports and visualizing them real-time to show the public where corruption occurs most frequently and what form they usually take.

It allows concerned government agencies to directly respond to concerns raised by the public, showing actions taken by them, and by providing mechanisms to gather evidence for filing cases.

By battling corruption, #NotOnMyWatch addresses the consequences of corruption in society.

Report to the #NotOnMyWatch chat bot

Embracing the power of technology, Rappler devised a chat bot to give Filipinos an accessible and interactive platform to call out corruption and commend good practices. (READ: #NotOnMyWatch: Reporting corruption made easier)

Facebook users can now interact with the chat bot by sending a message to the MovePH Facebook page.

The bot will ask if you want to report an instance. By typing “report”, the session starts when it asks you whether you are reporting a good or a bad incident.

Like any report, be prepared to tell us what happened, which agency was involved and when it happened. Photos, videos, or any documentation to support your story will be helpful as well.

#NotOnMyWatch draws lessons from experiences in Agos-eBayanihan, a platform that uses mobile and web technologies and social media to crowdsource critical and actionable disaster-related information.

It builds on previous efforts in the Philippines and in other countries to crowdsource reports on corruption by closing the feedback loop: from the filing of complaints or commendations by citizens to on-the-ground validation of these reports, to appropriate action by concerned agencies.

Pledge to fight corruption

Apart from reporting through the MovePH Facebook page chat bot, you may visit fightcorruption.ph as well to report government agencies that engage in anomalous transactions. Join the movement by pledging what you can do to help stop corrupt practices on the site or by using the hashtag #NotOnMyWatch.  

Here are some things you can also do:

  • Share this story to help inform people of the various forms of corruption in government. When you share, please use #NotOnMyWatch to help us track the ripples of our campaign.
  • Spread the word about how corruption affects ordinary Filipinos like you by posting your thoughts on x.rappler.com.
  • Have you ever been asked to give a bribe? Email details to notonmywatch@rappler.com. It will help if you send supporting documents and contact information so we can reach you in case we need more details.
  • Encourage competent and ethical behavior in government by writing or tweeting about exemplary civil servants you meet using the hashtag #LingkodBayani.
  • Encourage your friends to join and become integrity champions by sharing this link on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Would you like to help validate reports? Email us via notonmywatch@rappler.com so we can invite you to the validation workshops!

Let’s push for integrity, competence, and accountability in our society! – Rappler.com

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