Share the #StoryOfTheNation: What do you want to hear from Duterte in SONA 2019?
Share the #StoryOfTheNation: What do you want to hear from Duterte in SONA 2019?
Join MovePH's campaign! Show the #StoryOfTheNation through photos or videos.


MANILA, Philippines – We want to hear your story.

On Monday, July 22, President Rodrigo Duterte will deliver his fourth State of the Nation Address. The SONA is an opportunity for the President to give an overview of the administration’s achievements, and present his legislative agenda for the next 12 months. (READ: The Duterte Show: A reflection on the last 3 years)

Duterte has hinted that he might use his 4th SONA to “educate” Filipinos about why his recent remarks on allowing Chinese fishermen to fish in Philippine waters is constitutional.

The SONA, however, is the President’s version of the nation’s story. 

In the days leading up to SONA 2019, we want to know the #StoryOfTheNation from the Filipinos themselves.

Since 2014, MovePH, the civic engagement arm of Rappler, has been striving to capture the voices of different Filipinos through #StoryOfTheNation.

This time, we want to hear again from Filipinos all around the country: What do you want to hear from Duterte in SONA 2019?

Take part in the campaign and help illustrate the narratives of the Filipino people through photos or videos.

Here’s how:

Step one: Talk to different people!

Talk to industry experts, students, people with different professions and backgrounds, even strangers you see on the street, and ask: What do you want to hear from President Duterte in SONA 2019?

These are the people whose stories may shed light on issues and challenges of the everyday Filipino and showcase the true state of the nation.

Record your interview, and add more questions to strengthen their response and set the tone for their expectations in this year’s SONA.

Make sure to list down important details to get to know your subject better: their name, age and profession.

Step two: Take photos!

Capture the story of the everyday Filipino using your camera or phone!

Take a horizontal photo of your subject in a well-lit area or in a place that says something about your interviewee’s lifestyle. Photos can be candid.

Step three: Submit!

You can send the photos, videos, captions, posters, artworks, and other relevant information to Please put #StoryOfTheNation in the subject line of your email.

You can also send your entries via Facebook or Twitter. When submitting via social media, remember to use #StoryOfTheNation and make your post public. –

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