INFOGRAPHIC: What does malnutrition look like?

Fritzie Rodriguez
Here are sure signs and symptoms of malnutrition among children

MALNUTRITION. What are the physical signs of child malnutrition? Graphic by Mara Mercado/

MANILA, Philippines – Malnutrition is a national problem, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) Philippines.

More than half a million Filipino schoolchildren are too thin for their height, according to the SY 2012-2013 statistics from the Department of Education. (READ: Learning on an empty stomach)

Globally, one-third of all child deaths are related to malnutrition, WHO reported. (READ: What is malnutrition?)

How can we easily spot a child who is suffering from malnutrition? Below is an easy-to-understand infographic detailing the physical signs of malnutrition among children:

If majority of the country’s children fall victim to malnutrition, just imagine what kind of future awaits the Philippines. (READ: PH loses trillions to malnutrition)

Is there something that can be done to help prevent and treat malnutrition?

Food is not the only problem; experts suggest looking at the country’s hunger problem from a holistic point of view – looking at other factors such as agriculture, livelihood, poverty, education, health and sanitation, gender inequality, housing, infrastructure, policies, and governance; as well as the science behind hunger. (READ: Schools vs Hunger)

Filipinos are also encouraged to explore and pursue innovative ways of promoting good nutrition and eliminating malnutrition. (READ: Social Media VS Hunger) –

How can we help fight hunger? Share your stories and ideas with us. Send your articles, infographics, animation, research and video materials to Be part of the solution, be part of the #HungerProject.

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