‘Ari kami diri!’: #FactsFirstPH Iloilo gears up for collaborative campaign

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‘Ari kami diri!’: #FactsFirstPH Iloilo gears up for collaborative campaign

ROADSHOW. #FactsFirstPH local partners highlight community challenges, in the action planning workshop during the launching of #FactsFirstPH roadshow in Iloilo City, October 6, 2023.

Jan Nardo/ iWrite UP Visayas

In launching advocacy campaigns in Iloilo, local partners highlight the necessity of cultivating partnerships, and emphasize collaboration with various organizations and stakeholders

MANILA, Philippines — In the follow-up action planning session for #FactsFirstPH Iloilo on Tuesday, November 21, local partners highlighted the necessity of fostering partnerships, and emphasized collaboration with various organizations and stakeholders. 

Professor Zoilo Andrada Jr. from the University of the Philippines Visayas campus took the lead in the discussion. He cited the need for a collaborative and well-executed campaign for the success of the initial #FactsFirstPH campaign.

The kickstart campaign will be called “Ari kami diri!” (We are here!) to resonate with the community. It highlights collective presence and involvement in championing the values of truth and reliable information in the community.

This involves engaging in activities such as conducting radio interviews in local media to boost campaign awareness, generating TikTok content addressing the importance of human rights and truth-telling, and establishing partnerships with educational institutions and local government units.

In addition to digital media outreach, local partners’ campaigns in Iloilo will also prioritize grassroots efforts to connect with the local population directly.

This involves organizing community forums, workshops, and seminars where individuals can openly discuss human rights issues and share their experiences. 

‘ARI KAMI DIRI!’ #FactsFirstPH Iloilo advocates fostering partnerships within the local community to kickstart the campaign in Iloilo. Photo by Move PH

By creating spaces for dialogue and collaboration, the advocates aim to empower community members to become advocates themselves, fostering a sustainable and locally-driven approach to promoting human rights and truth-telling in Iloilo. 

Local partners also suggested the potential alignment of these initiatives with the commemoration of World AIDS Day on December 1 and International Human Rights Day on December 10.

During the initial action planning at the launch of #FactsFirstPH in Iloilo on October 6, local partners underscored community concerns, such as the spread of disinformation and limited awareness of the significance in combatting it. 

The discussion highlighted the adverse impact of misinformation on public understanding, and emphasized the importance of fostering a more informed and discerning community.

Moreover, local partners brought to light the challenges faced by different sectors within the community. They cited the inadequacy of services in certain areas, indicating the pressing need for improved infrastructure and support. 

Additionally, concerns were raised regarding discrimination against LGBTQ+ members, signaling a call for greater inclusivity and awareness campaigns.

Another critical point of discussion revolved around the apparent lack of trust in local organizations, particularly campus publications. Participants expressed their vulnerability to public attacks, underscoring the necessity for rebuilding confidence in these entities.

The #FactsFirstPH event in Iloilo City marked the initiation of this year’s MovePH roadshow series, designed to actively engage local communities in emphasizing the crucial role of accurate information on digital platforms. 

Around 300 participants, including students, media professionals, government representatives, and members of the academic community joined the initiative, contributing to the establishment of dynamic communities dedicated to upholding the truth.

If you are part of a local group interested to join #FactsFirstPH, email move.ph@rappler.com.  – Rappler.com

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