Tuition, fees increases in 268 colleges and universities approved by CHED
Tuition, fees increases in 268 colleges and universities approved by CHED
The most number of higher education institutions with approved tuition and fee increases are in Metro Manila, Southern Luzon, and Central Luzon

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said on Monday, May 29, it had approved the applications of 268 private colleges and universities to increase tuition and other fees for school year 2017 to 2018. 

Of these higher education institutions (HEIs), 262 will hike only their tuitions, by an average of 6.96% or P86.68 per unit.

The average increase in school fees is 6.9% or P243.

CHED said the HEIs whose increases were approved represent 16% of the total 1,652 private institution across the country. The number of 36 HEIs less than the 304 during academic year 2016 to 2017.

The following regions will have the most number of colleges and universities that will be charging higher tuition:

  • Metro Manila – average of 4.75% increase or P119.55 per unit
  • Southern Luzon – average of 3.05% increase or P49.07 per unit
  • Central Luzon – average of 8.64% increase or P49.50 per unit

They are the same regions with the highest number of HEIs with approved hikes in school fees:

  • Metro Manila – average of 5.28% increase or PhP49.82
  • Southern Luzon – average of 5.90% increase or P408.70
  • Central Luzon – average of 10.73% increase or P974.26

“CHED’s approach to the issue of tuition is holistic. In the light of contending concerns and interests in society, there is a need to balance access issues with sustainability of educational institutions,” the commission explained in a statement.

“For its part, CHED ensures that HEIs meet the guidelines provided by law, especially the requirement of consultation, the proper allocation of tuition fees, and strict adherence with the processes that seek to make tuition and other school fee increases transparent, reasonable and affordable,” it added. 

  Detailed List of Approved Tuition and Other School Fees Increases AY 2017-2018 as of 25 May 2017 by Rappler on Scribd

CHED cited 4 factors in its decision to approve applications for tuition and fee increases: 

  • Section 42 of Batas Pambansa Bilang 232 or the Education Act of 1982. “It provides that ‘each private school shall determine its rate of tuition and other school fees or charges…subject to rules and regulations promulgated by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports’ (now Department of Education, Tesda, and CHED).”
  • Republic Act 6728 or the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education Act. It requires “HEIs, for every incremental tuition increase, to allocate 70% of the increase for the payment of salaries, wages, allowances and other benefits of teaching and non-teaching personnel; 20% for the improvement and/or acquisition of facilities, or modernization of buildings, equipment, libraries, laboratories and other similar facilities and the payment of other costs of operation; and 10% for the return on investment if they are stock corporations, otherwise, the remainder is to be utilized for the operation of the institution.”
  • CHED Memorandum Order Number 3, series of 2012 or the Enhanced Policies, Guidelines and Procedures Governing Increases in Tuition and Other School Fees, Introduction of New Fees, and for Other Purposes. It “takes into account the following factors: regional inflation rate, financial standing of the institution, financial capacity of the general studentry, impact of force majeure or calamities, quality track record of the school, and the mission and vision of the institution.”
  • The “education deflator.” It “measures the average cost of providing education services based on the regional inflation rate. The education deflator, or the Regional Inflation Rate, is supplied by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The PSA carried out special computations for the implicit price index of education for CHED in its evaluation of applications for tuition and other school fees increase.” 


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